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Charles-Antoine Richard is Monetization Director at Ubisoft.

Is Machine Learning Right For Your Business?

Machine learning is different than other technological advancements; it is not a plug and play solution, at least not yet. Machine learning can be used to tackle a lot of situations and each situation requires a specific data set, model, and parameters to produce valuable results. Most businesses recognize that machine learning can generate exceptional value but many still wonder how, in what specific areas, and if the time is right to integrate it within their data strategy. Today, we explore what questions you should be asking to know if machine learning is right for your business.

A Non-Technical Guide To Understanding Machine Learning

Most information out there in the process of learning the ins-and-outs of machine learning is technical and aimed at developers or data scientists. I thought an explanation from a non-technical person might be of interest. AI and machine learning are fascinating but can be tricky at times. Machine learning is the branch of AI that explores ways to get computers to improve their performance based on experience. There are many different models that can be used in machine learning but they are typically grouped into three different types of learning.

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