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Casey Crane is Content Marketer/Copywriter at The SSL Store™. She is a regular contributor to Hashed Out with experience in journalism and writing, including crime analysis and IT security.

Artificial intelligence in cyber security: The savior or enemy of your business?

On one hand, artificial intelligence in cyber security is beneficial because it improves how security experts analyze, study, and understand cybercrime. It enhances the cyber security technologies that companies use to combat cybercriminals and help keep organizations and customers safe. On the other hand, artificial intelligence can be very resource intensive. It may not be practical in all applications. More importantly, it also can serve as a new weapon in the arsenal of cybercriminals who use the technology to hone and improve their cyberattacks.

Ten Data Privacy and Encryption Laws Every Business Needs to Know

Every business needs to stay up to date on and comply with the latest encryption and privacy laws. Failure to comply will result in fines that can range upwards of tens of millions of dollars. But which laws do you need to comply with, and what do you have to do? For the sake of this article, we’re just going to focus on the regulations and laws that require encryption or reference the protection of encrypted data. These regulations and laws are sometimes called data encryption laws, data privacy laws or data protection laws. 

Four Ways to Integrate Cyber Security Automation Within Your Enterprise

Automation is poised to change the very nature of cyber security jobs in the future. That’s because one of the best ways to accomplish many of the goals business have is to integrate process automation and cyber security automation into their operations. Business automation comes in many forms, though, and can include a variety of process automation and security automation tools. So, what are these tools, how do they work, and how can they be integrated into your security processes?

Fifteen Small Business Cyber Security Statistics That You Need to Know

Unfortunately for consumers, many business owners still convince themselves that their businesses are “too small” to be of interest to hackers. However, Small businesses are a favorite target of cyber criminals. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the small business cyber security statistics you should know in one convenient resource. We’ll also discuss why SMBs make such attractive targets and what you can do to protect your business

What is Homomorphic Encryption?

There is a type of encryption that completely side-steps the need for decrypting the data before you use it — meaning that data integrity and privacy are protected while you process data in use? There is a way to provide the best and most personalized services to your customers while still preserving their privacy and confidentiality. It’s known as homomorphic encryption (HE). But what exactly is homomorphic encryption and what are some real-world applications for it in data security?

Fire Up Your Cyber Security Career with These 9 Job-Related Tips

The cyber security industry is one with many open doors for those who either have the experience or the drive to gain it. Between rising cybercrime activity and more exacting laws and regulatory standards, the demand for skilled and knowledgeable cybersecurity professionals in 2019 continues to rise. However, it’s not just about just traditional training and education, being successful in the field also often involves. Tips How to get the cyber security job you want or to move up in your existing cyber security career

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