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Blair is the President of Method1 Enterprise Software. He is passionate about designing and developing enterprise systems.  He has been in the trenches of creating enterprise systems for many different industries for more than 35 years. He has also developed and successfully implemented a methodology that allows organizations to move toward an enterprise approach to their systems in a low-cost, incremental way. He is particularly passionate about financial systems and how to create them in a way that allows organizations analyze their finances by any dimension of their operational data.

Data Exchange Using Blockchain

Exchanging data will be primarily accommodated by a Blockchain broker that will ensure the systems are following the protocols of the new paradigm. It will be used for requesting data updates from providers and for broadcasting updates. It will be a challenge to create a new paradigm for application software development but no less challenging than rebuilding application frameworks over and over, rebuilding the same functionality in every system, or trying to integrate systems that were never designed to work together. Now is the time to seriously consider a new approach to application software. 

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