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Berge Ayvazian, a frequent speaker and/or moderator at telecom industry events worldwide organized by Informa/Knect365, UBM/Light Reading, 4G World/Yankee Group and W2i Digital Cities Convention, is a Senior Analyst at Wireless 20/20. For more than 20 years, he was a senior telecom industry analyst and strategy consultant with Yankee Group, where he served as CEO and co-chairman of the 4G World and Mobile Internet World conference programs.  He has conducted extensive research on 5G technology, spectrum, IoT and fixed wireless access.   He is working with several operators on their 4G BWA initiatives and 5G FWA trials. 

IoT network integrators – Key to meeting the Needs of Enterprise Customers

Most of the traditional large system integrators focus on the higher end of the technology stack – connectivity is usually assumed to exist.  But the core of their offers focusses on analytics and business process integration with legacy ERP and other systems.  Newer connectivity solutions such as LPWAN are not yet fully integrated into their domain expertise.  The current need for IoT network integrators is driven precisely by this need – the capability to determine the right network connectivity solution for lower tier access in terms of power consumption and cost is nascent, and this very capability is what determines whether new projects can be delivered at a reasonable ROI. 

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