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Basab, Director IT at Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange and Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation, has over two decades of rich experience in the design & deployment of low latency and mission-critical applications & Exchange technology. He oversees the technology initiatives and IT operations at DGCX, comprises the functions of IT planning, enterprise architecture, solutions delivery, services management and IT governance.  He is a regular speaker at various technology forums as well as at industry events.

Blockchain’s Transformational Potential

Bblockchain technology is not limited to virtual currencies. Blockchain technology may prove to be a revolutionary way to speed up and verify many currently manual processes, as quickly as it takes to press a button on a keyboard. Many centralized processes can potentially be replaced with blockchain technology. One such area is the post-trade settlement process, where the new technology could enable the instant updating of ledgers in a synchronized and authenticated manner. This would create a real-time or near real-time clearing and settlement system that would bring it in line with the speed of trading.

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