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Ashley Unitt is Chief Scientist and co-founder of award-winning customer contact platform, NewVoiceMedia. With over two decade’s experience in developing advanced messaging software, he leads the architecture and research teams and heads up NVM Labs.

Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Business Sell More

More recently, the internet and high levels of smartphone adoption have totally changed the way we do business. Now, it’s the turn of artificial intelligence (AI). Here are five of the best reasons why ‘thinking’ computer systems can help your business sell more.

Eight Stats About AI in Customer Service and What They Mean for Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of machines or computers to emulate human thinking or decision-making. After years of speculation into the technology and its possibilities, AI is starting to deliver on its promise. Here are eight stats that prove natural language processing, machine learning and cognitive computing are helping businesses to deliver excellent customer service.

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