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Andreas Sandre is Member of the Board of Directors at Adventures in Preservation and Press and Public Affairs Officer at the Embassy of Italy in the US. He is the author of "Digital Diplomacy: Conversations of Innovation in Foreign Policy”. As a public speaker, he often participate in international conferences with a focus on technology and innovation, including TEDxStockholm, DigitalBeltway by Mashable, and Berlin's International Conference on Political Communications.

The State of Tech in 2019

The tech sector continues to prioritize cybersecurity innovation and investments. Digital diplomacy will represent an important topic of discussion in tech in 2019. Artificial intelligence and machine learning represent one of the most exciting trends in technology: virtual assistants, autonomous cars, self-learning algorithms. These are challenges many tech companies and startups at looking at to push innovation forward. Blockchain is going to be a revolution in IT security because every transaction against your infrastructure is a strongly and cryptographically authenticated and granularly authorized.

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