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Amit Tiwari is the Vice President – Marketing for Havells India Ltd. He also served as Director – Brand, Communication, and Digital for Philips, Indian subcontinent, and giants like Hero Honda, Nestle, Perfetti, and ITC. He won some of the most coveted Media & Marketing awards such as CANNES Awards 2013, OOH Awards 2011, Brand Leadership Award 2011, and many more.

What marketing and advertising could look like in 2020

The marketing and advertising industries are going through a paradigm shift as technology progresses exponentially. It was not long ago when big data was the talk of the town. The challenge was in collecting and manipulating it. In the next three years, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will force us to deal with a large amount of data. The more people are going to use technology the more they will leave a footprint data, that will be available for marketers and advertisers to be leveraged for gaining deep insights.

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