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Amir Feizpour, Ph.D, an accomplished researcher with experience in physics, analytics, and data science,   is Founder at Aggregate Intellect and NLP Product Lead at the Royal Bank of Canada. He is also a Scientific Advisor at SEMA Lab and Steering Committee member at Toronto Machine Learning Series.

Transitioning to Data Science: How to become a data scientist, and how to create a data science team

There are many nuances in creating a data science team that taking it loosely will certainly lead into failure. So far, it should be clear how different technical roles and expertise along with soft skills intertwine to create a team that can achieve great objectives in data science. Selecting individuals to join such a team is a great challenge and needs to be done with care. Here are huge opportunities for data scientists to interact and learn from each other. 

Machine Learning in Action: Going Beyond Decision Support Data Science

In order to disrupt business, machine learning models must adopt a product-focused approach, which is a much more significant undertaking. For a product-driven approach to use machine learning, it is important to think about the problem you are trying to solve from the beginning and to have some initial idea of how the machine learning solution might be used. The first step is to understand what pain points you are trying to tackle, and what kind of service-level agreement in terms of quality, availability and responsibility you need.

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