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Ali Safavi is the founder and Global Head of Plug and Play Insurance, an insurtech focused startup innovation platform in partnership with the likes of Munich Re, USAA, State Farm, SOMPO Digital Lab, Farmers, Nationwide, Deloitte, Travelers, Aviva, AIG, and many more global insurance institutions.  He is also a Senior Associate at Plug and Play Ventures, the venture arm of Plug and Play Tech Center where he invests in startups in different spaces including insurance, travel and hospitality, and IoT. He has published numerous articles on data analytics, machine learning, and insurance.

Why the largest insurance companies are pouring into Silicon Valley

Insurance is on the verge of a massive overhaul. Many technologies have changed the way consumers buy and use their most valuable assets, so shouldn’t their policies change too? Drones armed with high-tech sensors, IoT and big data analysis provide vast amounts of additional information to insurers. Technologies like AI and new distribution models streamline the way customers interact with their providers.

Blockchain is empowering the future of insurance

The future of insurance could flourish through an intelligent adoption of Blockchain, with applications in digital currencies, fraud solutions and smart contracts. Large insurers have the potential to benefit immensely. However, its implementation will mean that insurance companies will have to change their underwriting process, the structure of the policy, as well as risk underwriting.

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