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Alexey Makarov is the CEO and the Co-Founder of QULIX SYSTEMS, a large-scale software company. With his passion for technologies, he is a major advocate of building cutting-edge digital solutions. He is an official member of the Forbes Technology Council.

How To Begin Your First Big Data Endeavor Using Data Streaming Frameworks

Companies are now realizing how mighty big data can be. We are starting to see the massive potential it has in the world around us. Manufacturing and heavy industry are also ready for big changes in the big data era. No doubt, a true transformation will take tons of time and resources. However, backed by the potential of modern technologies, the businesses of today will manage to build inspiring industries of tomorrow. Don't miss a chance to be among the winners.

Cloud Automation: A Better and Faster Way to Do Business

In this article, we’re talking about cloud automation to introduce the newbies to its perks and remind the old-schoolers of what they’re losing by giving it a cold shoulder. The gradual shift from slow to prompt development along with a manual to automated operations has already become a reality for the industry. On-prem to the cloud, a legacy to new and manual to automation transformation will take time to hit the whole IT market. Eventually, it will result into a more customer-oriented, agile and responsive arena for us, the consumers.

Cloud: Moving to the Cloud. Security Concerns

One should do much more to ensure his company’s data is safe once moved to the cloud. Surprisingly, many cloud players do not consider performing even the minimum requirements. Keep in mind, that a cloud provider may fence its liability for any possible data breach and will do it legally. A lengthy servicing contract is all too often excessively boring to study. Thus, there are many issues that in your opinion should be covered by the cloud provider. In reality, they are entirely your responsibility. A good piece of security and compliance is exactly the case.

Multicloud: Multicloud Challenges and How to Surpass Them

Multicloud is now on almost everyone’s tip of the tongue. It does allow diversity, although to make use of it you’ll have to pay heavily enough. Or hire a cloud management genius with guts and wits to build you a truly working multicloud system. It will take a while for multicloud to become a democratic and an easy-to-use solution bringing a real value for the clients. For now, one definitely can use multicloud platforms without paying dearly,

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