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Alexander Bekker is a Head of Database and BI. With 18 years of experience, Alexander focuses on BI solutions such as data-driven applications, data warehouses and ETL implementation, data analysis, and data mining in the retail, healthcare, finance and energy industries. He has been leading projects such as private label product analysis for 18,500+ manufacturers, global analytical systems for luxury vehicle dealers and more.

Making The Connection Between IoT And Big Data 

In the fast-changing world, it has become difficult to catch up with all the new concepts and technologies. It is even more complicated to distinguish which of them are really useful and which ones is just hype. In the field of data analytics, it was big data that started this era of doubt. Now, when this concept is clearer, a new wave is coming: Big data for IoT. Despite all the hype around IoT, it is just one of multiple big data sources. But how exactly IoT is connected to big data?

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