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Alexander Arabey is Qulix Systems Co-Founder and Business Development Director. He is an expert in software implementation for banks and financial organizations based on the StandFore FS Digital Banking platform.

Logistics of the Future - Digital Transformations of Supply Chains

Supply chains and logistics involve a lot of moving parts. Among the most frequently occurring challenges in the global supply chain is tracking where products are at any given time, whether they are in good condition and where they are heading. That’s the key question logisticians ask themselves on a daily basis. Surely, this sector is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, driven by innovations in information technologies and digitalization. Digital, connected and autonomous are on the wishlist of characteristics for any forward-thinking commercial entity.

AI with a Degree in Medicine: The Doctor Who Literally Has No Heart

Will intelligent robots replace doctors in the future? It is still a difficult question to answer. Most medical startups are aimed only at simplifying and optimizing the medical flow process, and they do not provide for the replacement of a doctor with a robot. In addition, machine learning takes time, because we need to teach the neural network to “see” the problem in the image or to operate as a doctor. Despite all the difficulties, AI-driven medical projects have prospects.

AI for Tourists. Part 1: Going on Vacation with a Robot Hand in Hand

As the technologies become more developed, the union of AI and intelligent personalization could lead to the emergence of companies that are predicting your dream vacation before you have any idea of your own. The futuristic chatbot will already know your preferred airport, dates, times, mode of transport and your travel companion from your emails, Facebook, Twitter and calendars — if you grant the required access, of course.

Artificial Intelligence in the Travel Industry. Part 2: Analyze That

To keep up with the modern pace of life, the tourism and travel industry needs to see how to deploy the latest technology at hand. That’s when new AI innovations come into play with their huge potential to make travel faster, more efficient or more personalized. There is no doubt that the use of AI for travel will keep shaping the way we explore the world in the future. Recommendation systems come into play.

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