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Afrozy Ara is the Head of Data Science practice at Incedo. Her team partners with clients across FS, Pharma and Telecom to solve their most challenging Data Science problems leveraging disruptive technologies like NLP, ML and AI.  Prior to Incedo, she was an Engagement manager at Mu Sigma leading global engagements for Fortune 500 and hyper growth clients in the West coast.

Five Reasons Why Your Data Science Project Could Fail – And What You Can Do to Avoid It

Given the difficulty in running a successful data science project, there are some specific reasons why these kinds of projects fail. Data science is a field that requires an interdisciplinary skillset. You need to be good at math and statistics, which yields a foundation of methods to analyze and interpret data. Domain knowledge is required to understand the data and the (business) processes that shall benefit from the analysis. Coding is a prerequisite to bring the theory to action. 

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