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Adam Famularo is CEO of erwin, maker of data management solutions that help organizations derive maximum results from their data initiatives and promote strong data governance. He has been recognized as an industry leader in many industry publications and serves on the National Advisory Council for Donorschoose.org, a charity focused on helping children find success in the classroom. Previously, Adam oversaw Verizon’s enterprise distribution channels – partners, value-added resellers and systems integrators – across the world.

Data Governance 2.0, Data is Everyone’s Business

Data governance means understanding the data assets of the organization – knowing that they are of good quality, accessible and secure and that using them does not put the company at legal, reputational or financial risk while also enabling it to be agile. Now, the age of Data Governance 2.0 is dawning. It’s an age that must be marked by everyone within the business collaborating in data governance.

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