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Abhishek Prasad is the Director, and Head of Digital Transformation at Aexonic Technologies. Having consulted with multiple fortune 100 companies and startups, he understands the challenges faced by large enterprises and how technology can help them gain competitive advantage. He has also worked with Big Four accounting firm, and experienced in advanced analytics and reporting within the professional services, Life Science, Utilities, and banking industries. 

Is Machine Learning making a Difference?

Machine Learning (ML) has given a whole new meaning to data. It has, in all true sense, completely transformed the way we look at data and information. It can indeed be a game changer and be very useful in proving very useful insights that can prove to be very critical for many businesses.

Some tips to manage an offshore team

The economy is going global. Managing a remote workforce might not be as difficult as it may sound. Communication and using the right tools remains the key to having a successful team irrespective of the geographies.

The Harvard Innovation Lab

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The Harvard Innovation Lab


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