Big Data Starter Package & Roadmap

Big Data Starter Package, Readiness Assessment, Roadmap, and Proof-of-Concept

In order to stay competitive, companies know that they need to leverage Big Data but they frequently have trouble getting started. This is where Experfy's team of experts in the Harvard Innovation Lab can help! Our Big Data Starter Package is designed to enable you to become data-driven quickly. Experfy collaborates with your technology and business teams to identify and prioritize use cases. We then come up with the right architecture to support those use-cases. We also conduct a comprehensive big data readiness assessment to idenitfy gaps within your technology infrastructure, processes and talent pool. The readiness assessment is followed by a big data roadmap that prescribes initiatives that will result in the highest return in investment in a short period. We demonstrate this ROI through a proof-of-concept that follows the roadmapping exercise.

Packages and Pricing

Big Data Starter Package

  • Big Data Strategy: Consisting of an evaluation of business concerns, systems review, analytical problem formulation, and use-case prioritization.
  • Big Data Readiness Assessment: Gap analysis and a detailed systems review across five dimensions: reporting and analytics; data; applications; infrastructure; skills and resources.
  • Key Recommendations: Relating to infrastructure and architecture; data governance; and skills transformation.
  • Roadmap: Articulation of a 12-month roadmap, along with an executive presentation

Starting at $ 10,000

Proof of Concept

  • Data Identification: Selection of new and/or existing data sets and signals
  • System Design: Design and implementation of a production big data system
  • Application Design and Development: Development of an analytic application using your data and potential external data


  • Identification of quick wins to deliver business sponsors with near-term value propositions.
  • A value-driven transition to the world of big data, helping your executive team see the benefits that a prototype can bring for a similar price you may pay a large consulting firm to create a fancy PowerPoint presentation.

Starting at $ 10,000

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