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Market Research Training Track

Market Research is defined as the organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers to sell them a specific product or a service. Due to the emergence of new ways to gather, stora and analyze vast amounts of data, the domain of Market Research has seen a shift from traditional methods to modern methods. Traditional methods such as focus groups or surveys are being replaced by novel methods such as Mobile Surveys, Online Communities, Social Media Analytics, and Text Analytics. A majority of the market research methodologies fall under two main categories: 

  • Primary Research: This is type of research you will do yourself or hire someone to do for you. You can utilize questionnaires, interviews, surveys or focus groups to gather this information. Primary research in itself has two main categories: Exploratory Research and Specific Research. Exploratory research consists of defining a problem and conducting lengthy, informal interviews with a group of people to see what type of information you can uncover. Specific Research, on the other hand, involves asking specific questions and conducting formal, structured interviews to get the information from the respondents. 
  • Secondary Research: This is type of research involves finding information that has already been compiled by some other entity. Examples of secondary information include reports and studies by other businesses, government agencies, or educational institutions.

Regardless of the type of Market Research you want to conduct, Experfy can help you get up to speed with the novel methods of Market Research that utilize the vast amounts of data collected from different sources. Whether its Social Media Analytics, Text Analytics, Mobile Survey Data or Opinion Mining, Experfy's industry experts can help you master the art of Market Research.

According to Indeed, the annual salary for a Data Scientist with Market Research skills is $105,000.


All Courses of this Track

Quantitative Research Design

By: Andrew Spiegelman

Learn how to make scientific inferences about large populations


Blockchain for Finance Professionals

By: Peter Mikkelsen

How blockchain is disrupting and revolutionizing the financial industry


Build It! Strategic Marketing Plan

By: Kristan Ruona

Two senior marketing executives lead you to develop your own marketing strategy


Modern Marketing Research

By: Mary Ellen Gordon

Updating market and marketing research for the era of big and ubiquitous data


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