Business Intelligence Training and Certification

Learn cutting-edge tools to drive insights that empower you to act. Based on industry use-cases by Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab.

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BI market to grow to $26.8 billion by 2019

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Average annual salary for a BI Manager is $113,000

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Business Intelligence Training and Certification Track

The Experfy BI Track provides you with the tools to deliver results from data from external and internal data sources.  Topics will cover the tools, applications, and methodologies necessary to deliver actionable results.  At the end of the BI track you will be able analyze, develop, run queries, create reports, dashboards, and data visualizations.

The goal of BI is to allow for the easy interpretation of large volumes of data. Identifying new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on insights can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage. BI can be used to support a wide range of business decisions that include product positioning, pricing, defining strategic priorities, goals and directions at the broadest level. In all cases, BI is most effective when it combines data derived from the market in which a company operates (external data) with data from company sources internal to the business such as financial and operations data (internal data). When combined, external and internal data can provide a more complete picture which, in effect, creates an "intelligence" that cannot be derived by any singular set of data.

Business intelligence includes technologies such as data integration, data quality, data warehousing, master-data management, text- and content-analytics, and many others that the market sometimes lumps into the "Information Management" segment. Data preparation and data usage as two separate but closely linked segments of the business-intelligence architectural stack.

All Courses of this Track

Mastering Data Visualization Using Tableau: From Basic to Advanced

By: Kirill Eremenko

10 Real-World Case-Studies to Master Data Visualization and Tableau


Gain Competitive Advantage using Microsoft Azure Data Platform and Cortana Analytics

By: Jonathan Bloom

Learn to gain a competitive advantage using Microsoft Azure Data Platform & Cortana Analytics


Adopting Hadoop for the Enterprise: From Strategy to Roadmap

By: Craig Jordan

How to make Hadoop a core of your enterprise information architecture.


Data Wrangling in R

By: Dr. Connie Brett

Real-world data preparation for further analysis using R


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