Big Data & IoT Training for Executives and Managers

Turn your data into competitive advantage. Based on industry use cases and case studies by Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab

We live in a world where traditional basis of competitive advantage have largely evaporated. Executives of organizations need to be constantly aware of the ever-changing landscapes, and adjust strategies to suit the needs of a dynamic organization.

The process of adopting analytical thinking in an organization needs to be facilitated by the leaders and the managers of the organization. Executives equipped with a working knowledge of data science can massively improve marketing, increase operational efficiency, and spark innovation.

Whether you're a manager, a leader, or an executive, you can ensure that your organization gains competitive advantage by using analytics and extracting maximum value from your business process. Experfy’s cutting edge program presents complex material in an easy-to-understand and accessible way, delivered by thought leaders in the industry.

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Industry Track (Healthcare & Life Sciences), Executive Track

Health Insurance 101

Tan Wong

Get a better understanding of health insurance market, products, and common risks!


Executive Track, Industry Track (Banking, Finance, and Insurance)

AI for Insurance Executives

Paul Warren

Why and how to incorporate AI into your insurance business


Big Data, Data Analyst, Executive Track

Big Data Analyst

Sumit Pal

Master the skills necessary to build a career in Big Data.


Big Data, Machine Learning, Executive Track, Data Science

AI for Executives

Dr. Kevin Hill

How AI Will Change Your Business


Executive Track

Manager's Role in Developing Talent

Intellezy Trainers

A practical approach to developing those around you.


Executive Track

Using BPD/BPR in an Information Systems Engineering/CRP Project

Dan Grijzenhout

Providing a Structured Framework for the Conference Room Pilot Process


Executive Track

Corporate Planning and the Strategic Planning Framework

Dan Grijzenhout

The High Level Strategic Planning Workshop and Current Systems Assessment


Internet of Things, Executive Track

IoT for Executives

Mats Samuelsson

Fast paced 1 day deep dive into the Internet of Things for business executives


Big Data, Business Intelligence, Executive Track

Adopting Hadoop for the Enterprise: From Strategy to Roadmap

Craig Jordan

How to make Hadoop a core of your enterprise information architecture.


Machine Learning, Data Analyst, Executive Track, Data Science

Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics

Dr. Larry Bookman

How your organization can benefit from machine learning and predictive analytics


Operations Analytics , Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analyst, Executive Track, Data Science, Internet of Things

Robotics Application Machine Learning

Randy Barnes, Karla Yale

Obtain the real time data exchange from the robot sensors for training AI.


Operations Analytics , Big Data, Machine Learning, Executive Track, Data Science, Internet of Things

IIoT Applications for Machine Learning

Randy Barnes, Karla Yale

Learn the elements of a robust IIoT control system through applications.


Big Data, Executive Track

Big Data - What Every Manager Needs to Know

Sandra Hendren

Foundational knowledge of big data for executives from the former Chief Data and Analytics Strategist of UnitedHealth Group.


Executive Track

Introduction to Project Management

Dr. Mike Clayton

Learn How to Deliver Your Next Project on Time and Within Budget.


Internet of Things, Executive Track

Use Cases for Smart Manufacturing

Mats Samuelsson

11 Real current use cases of Smart Manufacturing from around the world.


Big Data, Industry Track (Banking, Finance, and Insurance), Executive Track

Insurance Analytics Training

Ajay Bhargava

Learn how Analytics can derive value for Property(Home) & Casualty(Auto) Insurer


Internet of Things, Executive Track

Implementing an Internet of Things (IoT) Business

Mats Samuelsson

Fast paced course for managers and executives implementing IoT


Executive Track

Coaching for Peak Performance

Intellezy Trainers

Learn how to move your employees to their peak performance!

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