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Jiang Zhou

About Me

Jiang Zhou, Ph.D., has two decades of experience building predictive analytics solutions across industries including telecommunication, banking, insurance, and smart city. These solutions have resulted in over $200 million in savings for clients. He is a Member of Industrial Advisory Board at the University of Massachusetts Boston and the Chief Data Scientist at 慧信(Smart Credit). Previously, he was the chief statistician at Lightbridge, Inc., a vice president at Citizens Bank and a consulting member of technical staff at Oracle Inc. 

Dr. Zhou has been involved in 3 head to head competitions to build the best predictive models, i.e., a customer credit risk model for a top 3 cell phone company, a bank card fraud detection model for a top 15 bank, and a direct sales model for a marketing company. Dr. Zhou's models have won all 3 competitions.

In addition to his technical skills, he is, as one of his clients put it, "a great trainer, and a good presenter of theoretical data mining concepts so that they can be understood by most". He is the author of the blog www.deep-data-mining.com that is regarded as one of the best on data analytics and data mining.

Dr. Zhou is the primary author of an award-wining scientific paper, "Using genetic learning artificial neural networks for spatial decision making in GIS" (Nov. 1996, PE & RS). His recent article, Use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Rationally Evaluate the Characteristic Town, is published on influential "Economic Information Daily" (in Chinese).


Oracle SQL and Best Practices for Data Science

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Oracle SQL skills and best practices for data science/data analytics tasks.