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Abdallah Bari

About Me

Dr. Abdallah Bari has a Ph.D. in Genetics (imaging techniques) from University of Cordoba (2005 Spain) with Ph.D. equivalency (2010 Canada). He's a researcher, founder and author with a focus on applied mathematics and networking in research and development, to develop collaboratively practical solutions. He's collaborating with academia, researchers, international research organizations, governmental institutions, communities, municipalities and development agencies. He advocates use of mathematics in research and development to address complexity and global challenges including climate change and sustainability. He helped with capacity development in a number of countries including training on applied mathematics spanning from data capture, descriptive analytics, to predictive and prescriptive analytics leading to results considered as breakthroughs. He developed several databases and tailored applications used by national and international organizations, some of these application have been translated from English to French and Russian. Published peer-reviewed articles and books. Some of his work has been also reported by international media such as BBC News and Life Sciences News.


Why Big Data is so important today?

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Big Data is a game-changing opportunity today with unprecedented challenges