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Job Roles

Data & Analytics

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Manager
  • Big Data Sales

Business Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • DW BI Architect
  • Data Visualizer

Product Manager

  • Product Manager

Software Engineering

  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Backend Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • UI/Front-End Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Hardware Developer
  • Python Developer
  • R Programmer
  • C/C++ Developer
  • Java Developer
  • .NET Developer
  • Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Security Engineer
  • QA/Test Engineer


  • UX/UI Designer
  • UX Researcher/Information Architect
  • Brand/Graphic Design
  • Product Designer

CRM & Marketing Automation

  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Technical Architect
  • Salesforce Admin

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