Marketing Mix and ROI

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Marketing Mix and ROI

We can quantify the potential value of all marketing inputs and use predictive analytics to identify marketing investments that are most likely to produce long-term revenue growth.

  • Use predictive analytics to optimize future marketing investments and drive growth in sales, profits and market share
  • Balance short-term marketing and promotion tactics with long-term brand building needs
  • Understand marketing ROI for each offline and online media channel, campaign and execution (i.e., search vs. circular vs. TV)
  • Optimize allocation of traditional media vs. digital media and determine the synergies between the two with marketing mix modeling
  • Quantify the value and impact of emerging/new digital media (Facebook, Groupon, Foursquare, mobile apps, etc.) with a personalized digital marketing strategy
  • Lock into the right marketing mix by region, country and ?go-to market? channel
  • Determine which media vehicles and campaigns are most effective at driving revenue, profits, share and consumer segments
  • Quantify the ROI of improving marketing effectiveness in terms of sales, profits, share and target consumer growth

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Worked at Monster
Senior Director - Business Analytics & Reporting
Worked at EMC
Data Scientist - Marketing Science Lab
Worked at CBS Interactive
Associate VP Market Analytics

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