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Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is an essential process for businesses looking to transform their marketing strategy. Conducting segmentation analysis will clearly pinpoint the segment that will generate the highest return by providing a comprehensive picture of how to effectively reach and engage that segment. A market segmentation designed by our experts will provide an unrivaled informational foundation for growth.

Customer Segmentation: Identify and profile the most profitable groups of your consumers or B2B decision-makers in a category/industry to improve the ROI of your marketing programs and sales initiative. "Occasion Segmentation" and "Needs States Profile" outline usage and buying occasions in your product/service categories to assess the profitability of each by improved messaging, communication plans, and channel management.

Demand Analysis: In-depth profiles of your high-value customer targets and high-value buying occasions will help prioritize and focus your product/service development efforts.

Marketing Mix Modeling: Obtain clear insights into the media exposure and engagement of the most profitable targets through TV viewing, radio listening, and magazine/newspaper readership to improve the ROI of your communications programs.

Digital Media Marketing: Understand segments in terms of digital, social, and mobile media habits/preferences to improve the ROI of your communications plans.

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