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Data, insights, and intelligence to understand your market and drive the growth of your business.

Market Sizing & Opportunity Analysis

Our experts synthesize information from syndicated reports, secondary data, primary research studies, social media intelligence, industry experts, internal data and other sources to provide a complete picture of your market. Our approach ensures that every data point and inference goes through multiple validations while leveraging a variety of sources to formulate market and opportunity size.

Market Sizing and Forecasting:
What is the size of your total market and the addressable market (the population size willing and able to pay)? This will help answer whether the market is big enough to be interested in your business.

Market Opportunity Analysis:
What are your opportunities? Which segments should you focus on?  How does growth look and what are its key drivers? Who are the competitors? What is the overall market potential?

Trend Analysis and Market News:
What are the key emerging trends in the market? What is the latest news on the market?

Needs Assessment:
Market requirements vary with different countries and geographies. Understanding how to tailor your product, service, and promotion to suit the needs of the new market is vital to your success.

Value Chain Analysis:
What is the optimum channel strategy and which specific intermediaries should you use to be most efficient and effective?

How can you price your products and services in the new target market?

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