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Smart Contract Audit in Harvard Innovation Lab

We provide comprehensive smart contract audit through rigorous independent review by our in-house team of auditors at Harvard. First, your smart contract is verified against our library of known issues that we have seen come up in dozens of reviews. Second, we validate that your smart contract is performing the logic it was intended to and there are no security issues.  We also determine the impact of the smart contract on the entire network if it is operational.  Third, we perform gas analysis of your contract and help you optimize it to ensure that your users don't end up spending unnecessary Ethereum transaction fees.  Finally, we provide you with a detailed audit report as a certification that your smart contract has undergone a rigorous audit.  The report documents each function in your smart contract and how it is performing.

Using a large library of specialized tools that we have built, we check your smart contract for the following vulnerabilities:

  • Re-entrancy
  • Timestamp Dependence
  • Gas Limit and Loops
  • DoS with Block Gas Limit
  • Transaction-Ordering Dependence
  • Use of tx.origin
  • Exception disorder
  • Gasless send
  • Balance equality
  • Byte array
  • Transfer forwards all gas
  • ERC20/223 API violation
  • Malicious libraries
  • Compiler version not fixed
  • Redundant fallback function
  • Send instead of transfer
  • Style guide violation
  • Unchecked external call
  • Unchecked math
  • Unsafe type inference
  • Implicit visibility level

Because of our well-defined process, we can do this work quickly and cost-effectively.  The cost, however, depends on the complexity of the code. If you send us your code or a link to your GitHub repository, we can quote a price within 24-hours.

In the end, we provide a official certificate that demonstrates to your investors that you have successfully performed a smart contract audit. Experfy, as a Harvard-incubated entity, has a reputation for providing the most rigorous audits in the industry.

If you need a smart contract developed from scratch, we provide Solidity development services as well.  We however do not perform smart contract security audits of the smart contracts that we ourselves develop.

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