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Need Salford Systems experts to help with Salford Systems data mining and predictive analytics software? Hire Experfy freelance Salford Systems experts capable of leveraging the integrated suite of data mining software offered by Salford as well as its powerful new automation and modeling capabilities not found elsewhere. They can develop your predictive, descriptive, and analytical models from databases of any size and complexity. They can help your analysts to focus on the creative aspects of model development with the enhanced algorithms such as Regression, Classification, and Logistic Regression to support massive datasets. Our Salford Systems experts can use predictive modeling to understand how your marketing efforts impact your sales. They can leverage data mining tools included in Salford Systems' flagship products of CART, MARS, TreeNet, and Random Forests to accelerate the process of model building by conducting substantial portions of the model exploration and refinement process for your analysts.

Hire Experfy vetted freelance Salford Systems experts capable of determining your ROI on your data mining project quickly and cost-effectively with Salford Systems' tools.

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Chris K

Principal and PhD researcher

US | Washington, DC

My expertise is in randomized controlled trials, predictive model building, and record linkage, with significant experience in behavioral interventions, digital marketing, and direct marketing projects. I am also particularly interested in assisting in the development of in-house infrastructure such as analytics servers, databases, version control, data append systems, and related projects. I hold a master's in public policy and am currently working on my PhD.

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