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Need Julia experts for your technical computing? Hire on Experfy Julia Freelancers with expertise in Julia, the high-performance dynamic programming language. They are capable of using sophisticated compiler, distributed parallel execution, numerical accuracy, and extensive mathematical function library offerings by Julia. They can expertly deal with multiple dispatch, the core programming paradigm of Julia that allows concurrent, parallel and distributed computing, and direct calling of C and Fortran libraries without glue code. Further, they can cope with floating-point calculations, linear algebra, and random number generation, fast Fourier transforms and regular expression matching.  Our Julia experts can also equally handle the functions of Dynamic types system, built-in package manager, Lisp-like macros and other metaprogramming facilities, PyCall package to call Python functions, and shell-like capabilities for managing other processes. Our Julia Freelancers can easily experiment and test code quickly with the interactive session shell that is known as Julia’s REPL.

Hire Experfy expert Julia Freelancers for Julia implementation of your scientific and numerical computing project. 

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Kannappan S

Big Data Engineer / Data Scientist

GB | London, RIC

Have good experience working with a variety of datasets both small and large. I can do both Data Science and data engineering(Hadoop ecosystem). I am good at programming in Python, R, Spark, etc.

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