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Need BioPerl experts help to build your bioinformatics solutions with a toolkit of Perl modules provided by BioPerl? Hire Experfy freelance BioPerl experts capable of leveraging advantages of BioPerl with a basic understanding of the Perl programming language including an understanding of how to use Perl references, modules, objects, and methods. They can expertly manage BioPerl software modules for many of the typical tasks of bioinformatics programming such as accessing nucleotide and peptide sequence data from local and remote databases, transforming formats of database, file records, manipulating individual sequences, searching for similar sequences, creating and manipulating sequence alignments, searching for genes and other structures on genomic DNA, and developing machine-readable sequence annotations. Further, our BioPerl experts can help in integrating data across formats and sources by robust synchronization with your existing datasets and databases.

Hire Experfy vetted freelance BioPerl experts capable of managing bioinformatic tools provided by BioPerl such as SynBrowse, GeneComber, TFBS, MIMOX, BioParser, degenerate primer design, querying the public databases, and current comparative table.

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Shantanu B

Research Associate at The Scripps Research Institute

US | San Diego, CA

I am primarily interested in structural bioinformatics. I am a research associate at The Scripps Research Institute and my work is mostly focused on antibodies and vaccine design. My PhD training is in the field of protein NMR. 

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