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Apache Singa Freelancers

Need Apache Singa experts to help with developing an open source deep learning library for your health-care applications? Hire Experfy freelance Apache Singa experts that have deep knowledge of Singa's software components of memory management and tenor operations, classes of reading and writing data, data structures and algorithms for machine learning models. Our Apache Singa experts can customize the models that fit your business requirements with SINGA’s various deep learning models. They can deploy deep learning mechanisms for a variety of multimedia applications like handwritten digit recognition, natural image classification and multi-modal retrieval. Further, they can initialize Singa with setup logging, register user-defined components, and create and pass the job configuration to Singa driver. They can leverage Singa’s applications of hospital readmission risk prediction, and chronic disease progression modelling in analysing electronic medical record data.

Hire Experfy freelance Apache Singa experts capable of applying Singa healthcare data analytics to reduce your healthcare cost and improve performance of services.

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