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Apache Mahout Freelancers

Looking to build and create scalable performance machine learning applications quickly with Apache Mahout? Experfy Apache Mahout Freelancers can assist you to create Scalable, commercial-friendly machine learning for building intelligent applications from data and user inputs easier and faster. They know how to use Mahout to cluster documents, make recommendations, and organize content quickly and efficiently into actionable information. That can be for processing hundreds or thousands of personal e-mail messages daily or divining user intent from of weblogs. They can help you build systems,  such as,  to recommend products to users on their past purchases, or systems that find all similar news articles on a given day, or categorize web pages automatically according to classifications, and for other such numerous other uses. They can apply several approaches to using machine learning to solve your problems.

Hire Experfy Apache Mahout Freelancers to apply machine-learning tasks of collaborative filtering, clustering, and categorization in real applications for your business.

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The top 3% of freelance Apache Mahout Freelancers developers

Philip M

Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir Technologies, Machine Learning Enthusiast

US | hawthorne, CA

I have worked with different enterprises in surfacing insight from their massive data using a variety of data analytics, machine learning and signal processing approaches.  Here are some of the projects I've worked on:

  • Supervised learning for near real-time classification of airborne targets
  • Active learning
  • SQL and NoSQL-based datastores for enterprise storage of relational and nonrelational data
  • Enable full text search for unstructured data using Lucene and ElasticSearch cluster
  • Dashboard design and deployment

Arnaud Q

Researcher in Data Mining at Gradiant, Vigo


Bio. Arnaud Quirin last position was in the European Centre for Soft Computing in Mieres (Spain) from 2006 to 2012. He received his M.S. degree (2002) and his Ph.D. (2005) in Computer Science from the University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg (France) where he was a teaching and researcher assistant until September 2006.

Dr. Quirin has published 48 peer-reviewed scientific publications, including 3 book chapters and 15 JCR-SCI-indexed journal papers, and he is a reviewer for 10 international journals. He was involved in 14 national projects and private contracts and one European project, related to the application of evolutionary algorithms to image classification.

In May 2012, arrives to Gradiant, a Spanish non-profit R&D center where his current main research activity is in the fields of social mining, big data, evolutionary algorithms, multi objective graph-based mining, fuzzy multi classifier systems, and genetic fuzzy algorithms. 

Offering. I am offering experise and consultancy in data mining for research or R&D projects in the following fields: social mining, big data, evolutionary algorithms, multi objective graph-based mining, fuzzy multi classifier systems, and genetic fuzzy algorithms. R&D projects could have any sizes (local, national, european, etc).

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