Customer Segmentation & Profile

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Understand your customers, analyze their next move, create personalized experiences for them, win more business and drive loyalty.

Customer Segmentation & Profile

Whether you are looking to determine new product offerings or develop a personalized marketing campaign, customer segmentation is the principal basis for allocating resources and extracting maximum value from both high and low-profit customers. Our experts use both demographic segmentation data and advanced clustering segmentation techniques to:

  • Conduct market segmentation to unveil meaningful and measurable segments or microsegments according to customers needs, behaviors, demographics and social profiles
  • Determine the revenue potential of each segment and target segments according to their profit potential and the ability of your company to serve them
  • Obtain a complete customer profile to help predict future behavior through a 360° customer view
  • Use target market analysis to tailor products, services, marketing and distribution strategies to match the needs of each segment
  • Measure performance of each segment and optimize your segmentation approach over time

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