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Why Join the RapidMiner Ambassador Program
  • Exclusive access to bid on projects posted in the RapidMiner Channel
  • Full Use of RapidMiner products to deliver pilot engagements
  • 15% refferal fee from eligible engagements that result in a RapidMiner license sale
  • Free Education manuals for RapidMiner Basics 1 & 2 classes
  • 25% discount for RapidMiner training classes
  • Access to RapidMiner product experts & knowledge base in the RapidMiner Community
  • Use of RapidMiner Ambassador Logo
Interested in joinig our channel?

To bid on projects within this channel, there are a few minor requirements that must be met by all Experts in order to qualify for access:

Program Qualifications
  • Pass RapidMiner's Analyst Certification Test
  • Maintain active membership in the Experfy Network
How to become RapidMiner Certified
  1. Register to join program at
  2. You will recieve an email with Instructions
    • Download full RapidMiner stack (Free Version)
    • Download RapidMiner Basics 1 and 2 Training Guide
    • Access library of materials at Geting Started Central
  3. Register to take the Certification Test ($185 per test attempt)
    • The first 50 consultants take the certification test FREE

Frequnetly Asked Questions

  • How Long does it take to get certified?

    As you are practicing Data Scientist, estimated 12-16 hours of preperation using the products and reviewing the course manual.

  • What is the cost of certification?

    $185 (25% off List Price: $250) per test attempt (1st 50 to register are free).

  • What is the cost to join the RM Experfy Ambassador Program

    Program is Free, but you must pass Certification to join.

  • Are there usage restrictions on the RapidMiner Software

    Yes, usage is restricted to Pilots/POC and may not be used to generate production results.

  • How do I get more information on the RapidMiner products?

    Access the library of materials at Getting Started Central.

  • Where can I download the software?

    Go to RapidMiner.com - you can't miss the Download button!