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Solving Challenges in Developing Countries with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology can solve development problems as it improves existing instruments and enables the development of new ones. Blockchain-based applications particularly address institutional weaknesses and financial inclusion because they restrict deception, corruption and uncertainties. In the future, the blockchain can also be a development vehicle empowering people directly and mitigating power asymmetries. The governments of underdeveloped countries should support the implementation of applications to benefit general development. They should, therefore, clarify legal frameworks and establish an encouraging business environment.

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Automating data quality remediations through cognitive RPA

Data Quality Management is one of the key functions of the Data Governance to manage and improve the quality of data within the organization. Data quality remediation cannot be fully automated as there may be newer errors that need to be resolved through manual intervention. There are still a sizeable number of Data quality issues that can be automated in combination with a Machine learning capability.In this case, a cognitive Robotic process automation solution which combines machine learning capabilities and traditional RPA capabilities can be a potent solution for a faster remediation of data quality issues.

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The Age of AI: Determining Good and Bad

The artificial intelligence revolution is upon us. Automation, which once started as a desire to make mundane tasks easier, has advanced rapidly to create fundamental and beneficial changes to human life. Despite its widespread advantages, some have turned the discussion around AI into the negative. Doomsday scenarios in movies such as The Terminator have led to two main fears surrounding AI: its ability to be used for malicious purposes and the possibility that robots and computers could make significant changes to the world at humankind's expense.

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Application of Blockchain Technology in the Manufacturing Industry

This paper focused on blockchain applications in the manufacturing industry and discloses potentials and challenges. Based on expert interviews and a market survey, a variety of use cases of blockchain technology in the manufacturing industry was identified. These use cases were analyzed using a cluster analysis and evaluated based on criteria for a beneficial application of blockchain. Future research opportunities lie in a deeper analysis of the business processes in the manufacturing industry to further exploit the advantages of the blockchain technology.

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Step-by-step guide to build your own ‘mini IMDB’ database

How to use simple Python libraries and built-in capabilities to scrape the web for movie information and store them in a local SQLite database. This article goes over a demo Python notebook to illustrate how to retrieve basic information about movies using a free API service and to save the movie posters and the downloaded information in a lightweight SQLite database. Above all, it demonstrates simple utilization of Python libraries such as urllib, json, and sqlite3, which are extremely useful (and powerful) tools for data analytics/ web data mining tasks.

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Ten Ways to Take Your Boss on a Journey Through the Data

Remember, data does not inspire people, stories do. If you do not want to be questioned about your worth to the organization, tell them stories. We need to wrap our vision in a story that inspires emotion and motivates action. We have to be very creative to make our data into stories that are beautiful and persuasive. The best way to get your message across all the clutter is to merge these two powerful ways of communication — data visualization and narrative.

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Data Analytics with Python by Web scraping: Illustration with CIA World Factbook

This article goes over a demo Python notebook to illustrate how to crawl web pages for downloading raw information by HTML parsing using BeautifulSoup. Thereafter, it also illustrates the use of Regular Expression module to search and extract important pieces of information what the user demands. Above all, it demonstrates how or why there can be no simple, universal rule or program structure while mining messy HTML parsed texts. One has to examine the text structure and put in place appropriate error-handling checks to gracefully handle all the situations to maintain the flow of the program

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How Robots Can Automate Your Most Labor-Intensive Financial Processes

We are seeing business units such as accounting and finance that are choosing, deploying and managing their own technology. RPA is an ideal candidate for that. In a typical financial process automation scenario, we can attain about 80 to 90 percent automation levels between capture and workflow for mature solutions like accounts payable, and we’re starting to approach those levels in other areas of FPA such as sales order processing, where we’re already well above 50 percent. In the case of those remaining tasks that have historically been difficult to automate, RPA can provide two key benefits.

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Robotic Process Automation: Starting, Scaling, Expanding and Excelling

RPA works with your current systems, no rip and replace needed, and can be up and running within a few weeks. The ROI is fast and undisputable, and while we worry about robots taking our jobs, the simple truth is that they free us from boring manual tasks so we can focus on higher-value work. It’s kind of like getting into that driver’s seat for the first time. All those dials and gears and pedals seem overwhelming, but all you really have to do is start out in an empty parking lot and put the car into drive.

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The Business Case for a Data Refinery

Companies that have embraced data refineries are digital-first businesses, ones that were born online into the world of analytical data. Physical product companies are now using sensors to digitize their operations and generate their own proprietary data. Regardless of your industry, you are generating data. How are you housing it? What tools are you using to find value in it? What you’re doing to ensure your business isn’t left behind in the digital refinery revolution?

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Ripple is making blockchain waves

Ripple’s enterprise blockchain, network, RippleNet — is constantly growing. Now, more than 100 financial institutions — across banks, payments providers and specialised companies — wish to use the power of Ripple’s blockchain technology “to provide a global payments experience that delivers instant, certain, low-cost global payments to their customers”. Next to established banks like Banco Santander, Credit Agricole, Ripple is increasingly concluding partnerships with payment institutions that are involved in or dealing with emerging markets.  

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Machine Learning: Why it Matters?

Are you into Machine Learning OR are you just a Statistician? Have you been asked this question yet?  Machine learning is concerned more by the accuracy of final predictions rather than the laundry list of underlying distributions and asymptotic tests in statistical methods. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the math is not complex – it just says that the intent is much simpler to understand. Contrary to the common myth, all machine learning techniques are NOT adaptive.

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The two sides of Getting a Job as a Data Scientist

Are you a Data Scientist looking for a Job? Are you a Recruiter looking for a Data Scientist? If you answered yes or NO to this questions you need to read this. Hope this post will help everyone in the Data Science world. Let’s join together and help each other transform the world into a better place. Remember to have fun and that there’s much more in life than work, I love what I do, but take time for your family and friends, be happy and be kind to one another.

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Powerful Big Data Solutions Impacting Patient Care

The medical industry impacts every aspect of our daily lives. If data is transforming healthcare, it’s going to impact more than just your personal medical care. Health data analytics allows for powerful new cures to be researched more effectively. And if you’re looking for a job in the booming data science industry, medical data would be a smart choice for your specialty. Let’s take a closer look at some of the healthcare data innovations on the horizon – you might discover a project or niche that speaks to your personal skills and passions.

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The best data scientists aren’t being discovered.

If you look up data science or machine learning jobs you’ll find an ocean of postings that ask for a PhD in machine learning or related field with 3+ years’ experience. Why a PhD? Why not a Masters’ degree? And why not 2 years’ experience? Or 18 months? In reality, there aren’t a lot of cases where the work of an ML engineer actually requires them to have a PhD. So what’s the real point of asking for one? 

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APM for Big Data: An Architect’s Guide

Explore the area of big data Application Performance Management (APM) and why enterprises need it. APM is not a new discipline, but it is a new best practice for big data – adopting an application-first approach to guarantee full-stack performance, maximize utilization of cluster resources while minimizing the TCO of the infrastructure. For architects, it means that the big data architecture has to be designed to meet new business needs for speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, as well as align with architecture standards for performance, scalability, and availability.

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Why DataOps May Be in Your Future

Business growth is no longer just through physical scale. Optimizing business performance through models is now central in scaling a business. DataOps manages cultural transformation into a data-driven organization. Being data driven is a holy grail in business, especially as business leaders now view data and analytics changing the nature of industry competition.   The increase merging of developer technique and analytics is leading to a new form of project management.  Learn what practitioners should know about DataOps.

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Use blockchain to build a global data commons

Blockchain offers a radical alternative to the data ownership war by creating a public data marketplace, However, one of the promises of blockchain is to unpick this problem, by offering a data layer that is capable of fulfilling the original decentralised vision of the internet. Today, most data is siloed with no business model for data creators to monetise it. However, blockchain technology and other decentralised systems are emerging as a new data infrastructure to support machines, individuals, and organisations in getting paid for the data they generate.

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Using Robotic Process Automation To Prepare For GDPR Compliance

Each business will need a documented process of how they will scrub or remove the personally identifiable information (PII) connected to that consumer, in all their systems if there is no legal right or obligation to retain it. This can be a daunting task, depending on how many systems and cross system shares that may be in place. This an area where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) may be the best answer. The first step in designing a Forget Robot  is to document the details of all the places where data is stored.

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Machine Learning for Product Managers Part II — ML Skills

This is a continuation of the three part series on machine learning for product managers.The Part I focused on what problems are best suited for application of machine learning techniques. This note would delve into what additional skill-sets a PM needs when building products that leverage machine learning. As in Part I, the core skill sets required of a PM do not change whether you work in a machine learning driven solution space or not. Product managers typically use five core skills — customer empathy/design chops, communication, collaboration, business strategy and technical understanding. 

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Beyond the AI-hype: 3 Myth-Breaking Points

The term artificial Intelligence generated so much hype around it, feeding analysts, thought- leaders, technology giants and basically anyone with a smartphone to have a very clear opinion about this very broad term. Which ignited multi-layered discussions and focuses on a quite basic AI- good or bad? Good for humanity or disruptive? Will it bring to the growth of humanity, enabling to do things faster and smarter, or is this the beginning of the 

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Blockchain and Big Data: the match made in heavens

Big Data has been around for a while and blockchain technology currently rides the hype wave. What results can the concoction of these two innovations produce? Sure enough, blockchain and Big Data are a match made in heavens. The real question nowadays is who will be the first to provide the most suitable and best trained AI/machine learning model operating on top of distributed, transparent and immutable blockchain-generated data layers. The business to do this will roll in investments and generate immense profits.

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Machine Learning for Product Managers Part I — Problem Mapping

The first principle of building a great product using machine learning is to focus on user needs. One of the common misconceptions is that people think Machine Learning somehow fundamentally changes the skill-set of a PM. Machine learning is not an end unto itself. Machine learning is a tool to solve a real user need. Many people and companies that have a cool AI technology, think that the technology alone validates its usage. If you have a cool technology to apply, think about what problems could be solved, or what experiences can be enhanced through that technology.

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The role of the data curator: Make data scientists more productive

Today our data scientists and data analysts are more like doctors who perform many functions themselves. We are fairly early in our evolution of roles to fulfill the end to end process of data analytics, and there is still tremendous opportunity to improve efficiency with better specialization of roles. Today we see the emergence of a new role: the data curator. By working with data engineers, data custodians, data analysts, and data scientists, the data curator develops a deep understanding of how data is used by the business, and how IT applies technology to make the data available.

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