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How to handle increasing demands for high-quality health care data

How to reduce the gap between having the courage to use data for clinical purposes and actually using data? There are some restraint and slowness in using data and advanced analytics to reach better results in the health care sector for the benefit of patients. The time to build up analytical structures has come, and therefore the health care sector should aim at becoming an analytical organisation. This article is an introduction to how health care data can be collected and used in the health care sector to ensure improvements in the patient safety and quality area.

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Ripple: Why the Anti-Bitcoin is Loved by Banks and Hated by The Internet

Ripple is revolutionizing international finance by making it possible to transfer money around the world within seconds. Ripple’s innovative use of blockchain technology has excited major financial institutions. By bridging the gap between Bitcoin and traditional finance, Ripple has also become a figure of hate for many within the world of cryptocurrency.  Ripple has the potential to massively increase the ease and speed of global trade. Its connection to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies lends the space both utility and legitimacy. The only question is just how quickly the Ripple revolution is going to take place.

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VC for The Decentralised Future: Introducing the Convergence Ecosystem

The Convergence Ecosystem is open-source, distributed, decentralised, automated and tokenised and we believe it is nothing less than an economic paradigm shift. The Internet of Things is creating an unmanageable data environment, and artificial intelligence is giving those who control the most data more power than any company in history. Future decentralised data infrastructure will come from the convergence of the Internet of Things (data production), blockchains (data distribution), and artificial intelligence (data consumption). The integration of these technologies will see markets become increasingly open-source, distributed, decentralised, automated, and tokenised.

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Accelerated evolution: IoT’s role in training AI

Every day, there are news stories about exciting applications for analytics in robotics or on the edge of IoT. Analytics is helping to improve the quality of life for people. It is reducing costs or helping control consumption of energy or managing devices in the home, as well as reducing industrial costs, improving energy efficiency, and making goods cheaper as a result. Looking to the future, the IoT systems and artificial intelligence platforms that we create today will become the baseline for the way future generations think about and engage with technology. They will form the foundations for future ecosystems.

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Busting Seven Myths About Tech Careers

While skill gaps widened in a variety of domains—marketing, sales, business development, accounting and finance, etc.—perhaps none of these deficits is as troubling as the one in the IT realm. Workers with a technologist’s mindset, which optimally blends hard technical skills and relationship acumen (often called “soft skills”), are well-suited for today’s fast-paced, continuously evolving digital business environment. However, there are issues at work that confound and complicate the task of raising the next generation of technologists. Seven myths about technology careers discourage potential technologists and their parents. 

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Banks and Blockchain Hype cycle: Phase of Disillusionment

Many banks and other financial institutions have entered the blockchain area for fear of missing out, investing heavily in research, proof of concepts, and pilots to gain blockchain know-how. Despite many successful trials, up till now they have not led to real-world use. We are still waiting for the first important blockchain application to make a real impact. Financial services firms that arguably have the most to gain from blockchain are still staying behind expectations in real world acceptance. Blockchain could one day disrupt the finance world, but that will take at least another five to ten years.

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Why DataOps is Critical to Driving Business Value

While DevOps is a well known and popular term, DataOps is now emerging as a practice that is of equal importance.   DataOps is a blend of data science, DevOps, business intelligence, and data engineering.  The goal is to produce agile, actionable, repeatable practices within big data to allow companies to see true value from big data.   As data grows exponentially year over year the infrastructure and skills sets to manage that data are becoming more complex.  By building competency in DataOps, companies can have groups that can work alongside their existing teams augmenting their existing capabilities pre-emptively.   

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Filling the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Information security analysts perform data analysis to identify vulnerabilities and threats to a company’s digital assets. These analytics are used to configure threat detection tools to optimize preventative measures and mitigate business risk. Trouble is the supply of analytics talent isn’t rising fast enough to meet this increasing cybersecurity demand. Some companies are hiring or partnering to meet overall cybersecurity needs, but the most common approach is to improve the technical skills the existing in the existing workforce. But today, a specific focus on cybersecurity analytics acumen seems to be lacking.

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Are You Really Ready To Relocate For Work?

Relocation can offer a wide variety of benefits, but before you make that move you need to ensure that your decision isn’t just grass-is-greener syndrome, and you’re doing it for the right reasons! Data Science is a relatively young industry. The attraction of moving to a new country is more appealing to a younger workforce than a ‘veteran’. No matter where you have your sights set on, what should you consider before taking the plunge and moving for work? Find out what is on offer in terms of relocation benefits and package. Have you relocated for work? How was your experience?

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Four Ways AI Will Improve Our Transportation System

More practical applications of AI are on the horizon. Those applications will include helping the transportation industry to solve some of our biggest challenges in getting from place to place. AI is getting smarter thanks to innovative programmers—but it’s also making our transportation system better by building on the building blocks these programmers provided. AI can assist with urban design and traffic control in several ways, including adjusting variable speed zones based on traffic, traffic light timing, and smart pricing for vehicle tolls. Here are 4 important ways AI will help improve our transportation system.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The Next Step in Biotech

The biotech field has been held back by the technological limitations, but ML and AI programs have programs have broken through the barriers into new possibilities impacting recent biotech and healthcare developments. Security and healthcare trends suggest future generations will utilize biotech on a daily basis, either to thwart identity theft or to cure cancer. We may still ask the big questions, but AI programs are finding the solutions. Public opinion is mixed about biotech. The manipulation of organic materials at the microscopic level has already produced new drugs and treatments while ethics committees discern what is acceptable.

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Who is Your Ideal Customer?

From a business perspective, knowing your ideal customer is important to the success of your business. This is because it is important to understand who you are trying to market your products to. Understanding your customer’s needs, wants and desires is the best thing you can do for your business. Knowing your customers is important as it helps market your products or services accurately when you are aware of their likes and dislikes. The customers who are satisfied with your business, product, and services are your true and loyal customers. Here’s how to know your potential customers.

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MIT IQ Initiative Is Taking A Different Approach To AI Research

It’s a pivotal time for those involved in Artificial Intelligence, as many within the community are looking at how it can improve the state of the world we live in. A new approach to AI research by MIT IQ is the latest initiative to want to tackle some of these concerns. Whilst there are many initiatives actively researching Artificial Intelligence applications for the good of society, MIT aims to take a different approach to the very foundations of the field. Through this, they hope to answer some of the most burning questions that will help to drive the development of AI.

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Looking to Enter the AI Industry? Here Are Some Tips

The artificial intelligence field is rapidly changing and maturing. The field is well-suited for candidates that are interested in computers, think analytically and enjoy reading and learning about the latest technological developments. Artificial intelligence specialists work with massive amounts of information, so analytical thinking is especially important for success in the field. In the future, artificial intelligence specialists will automate not only minute task, but entire business processes. Tomorrow’s AI leaders will man the helm of change initiatives designed to make better use of existing enterprise benchmarks, metrics and data stores.

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Aspiring Data Scientists - Get Hired!

Despite the mounting demand for Data Science professionals, it’s still an extremely difficult career path to break into. The most common complaints from candidates who have faced rejection are lack of experience, education level requirements, lack of opportunities for Freshers, overly demanding and confusing job role requirements. There are also challenges for people with heaps of experience getting rejected due to lack of applicable experience to the role they’re applying for. Make sure your skills, experience, and projects tell the hiring manager that you have the tools necessary to make an impact on their business and how when applying these techniques in the past, you’ve had x y z results. 

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Machine Learning for Product Managers — What does it really mean?

Machine Learning does not change your role as a Product Manager and your role remains to talk to customers and communicating their problems to the technical team and business. Don’t build ML just for the sake of it as it is a large commitment and business investment. ML isn’t magic and it’s a customer delight feature. If you take the time to do it right, it can be game changing! Test with customers on weekly basis, run experiments, test hypothesis so you can learn quickly. Remember, the quicker you learn, the less risk you will be taking when launching to the wider customer base.

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The Five Computer Vision Techniques That Will Change How You See The World

Computer Vision is one of the hottest research fields within Deep Learning at the moment. As Computer Vision represents a relative understanding of visual environments and their contexts, many scientists believe the field paves the way towards Artificial General Intelligence due to its cross-domain mastery. Why study Computer Vision? The most obvious answer is that there’s a fast-growing collection of useful applications derived from this field of study. Here are the 5 major computer vision techniques as well as major deep learning models and applications using each of them. They can help a computer extract, analyze, and understand useful information from a single or a sequence of images. 

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What future role for CSDs in blockchain post-trade environment?

Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), in the post-trade environment, are changing their mind on new technologies and on their future position in the blockchain world. Increasing regulation, legacy systems, and costs pressures, are drivers for CSDs to at least embrace some aspects of the blockchain. They are increasingly considering them as an enabler of more efficient processing of existing and new services, instead of a threat to their existence. CSDs are likely to play an integral role in any blockchain environment. But they will look quite different from we know them today. Yes. CSDs are not expected to disappear in a blockchain world.

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Machine Learning with PySpark and MLlib — Solving a Binary Classification Problem

Apache Spark is now becoming the big-data platform of choice for enterprises. It is a powerful open source engine that provides real-time stream processing, interactive processing, graph processing, in-memory processing as well as batch processing with very fast speed, ease of use and standard interface. Sooner or later, your company or your clients will be using Spark to develop sophisticated models that would enable you to discover new opportunities or avoid risk. Spark is not hard to learn, if you already know Python and SQL. learn how to build a binary classification application using PySpark and MLlib Pipelines API. 

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The Number One IOT Challenge: Use Case Identification, Validation and Prioritization

There is a bounty of business use cases from which the business can choose in order to monetize their IOT efforts. The best approach is to build out your IOT Business Strategy with one use case at a time. In this manner, not only do you incrementally build out your IOT analytic, data, technology and architecture capabilities, but this enables the organization to build upon the work of previous use cases – to capture, share and refine the IOT data and analytic assets that are key drivers to IOT monetization.

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Are Prescriptive Applications IIoT Nirvana?

Success requires a direct link between analytics and positive process outcomes. This requires a closed-loop process. One that enhances application intelligence based on analytic insights. This is what I call Prescriptive Applications. Prescriptive Applications integrate analytics to dynamically change application content, access, and workflow. If something broke, fix it. But be aware that the process can be a complex journey. Prescriptive Applications enable a closed loop process to optimize outcomes based on integrated insights from analytics-descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. So, Prescriptive Applications provide a complete solution. While IIoT faces many challenges, could Prescriptive Applications be a key missing piece?


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Managing large-scale IoT security solutions with VPNs

Enterprises are experiencing a rapid evolution in technology that is challenging traditional security systems and infrastructures. The arrival of business-oriented IoT devices creates even more demand for secure connectivity. To avoid security breaches, IT departments must secure connections for more users and devices than ever before. Providing encryption for the communications of many thousands of devices, virtual private networks (VPNs)are a tried-and-tested way to ensure sensitive company information remains secure and private. When deploying VPNs for a multitude of devices, a large-scale management solution is essential that can greatly enhance the productivity of IT departments and keep corporate networks secure.

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Modern Data Architecture

Existing data architectures are at the breaking point with a large amount of data, velocity of data ingestion, and variety of data they need to process and store. Industry analysts are predicting that up to 80% of the new data will be semi-structured and unstructured. Modern Data Architecture addresses the business demands for speed and agility by enabling organizations to quickly find and unify their data across hybrid data storage technologies. The Modern Data Architecture stores data as is; it does not require pre-modeling. It handles the volume, velocity, and variety of big data.

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Machine Learning for Product Managers Part III — Caveats

What are the common mistakes made in building ML products? The goal of the note is to provide someone with limited ML understanding a general sense of the common pitfalls so that you can have a conversation with your data scientists and engineers about these. Many companies wanted to use ML and had built up ‘smart software’ strategies but didn’t have any data. You cannot use machine learning if you have no data. You can apply ML on small data sets too, but you have to be very careful so that the model is not affected by outliers and that you are not relying on overcomplicated models.

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