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AI's true colors aren't as scary as we think

There is no doubt that automation led by AI and robotics will eliminate many jobs in the future. Routine work, be it white- or blue-collar, can be expected to be taken up by machines. But it is also time to dispel the myth around AI to see what it can actually do as a tool. Only in this way can we really hold honest conversations about how humans and machines can forge a new alliance.

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Go Big or Go Home: Total DevOps Guarantees Results

While DevOps implemented using the Total DevOps approach provides a strong foundation for long-term enterprise business improvements, it is important to understand DevOps is not an island. Enterprises implementing DevOps should be aware that DevOps interoperates with other IT systems and practices. Enterprises are well-advised to choose tool-agnostic IT partners that can provide solutions that best suit the needs of each unique enterprise and can integrate and evolve DevOps together with all their IT systems.

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Four Rules For Integrating AI Into Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly having a huge impact across the entire business landscape in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, law and education. Successful AI disruption comes from a willingness to embrace change. It is difficult to predict how AI will reshape different industries but what’s clear is that the most open, flexible and forward-facing companies have the best chance of adapting to the new landscape. Here are four rules for getting started.

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AI and understanding semantics — the next stage in the evolution of NLP is close

AI developing an understanding of semantics is the next step in its evolution. AI’s true power to revolutionise industries and determine key business insights, lies in its ability to read text and understand the semantics (or relationship between words) to help organisations further mitigate risk and uncover liabilities. In turn this creates massive value in natural language processing. So, in the story of AI enabling understanding of semantics, what is the next step in its evolution and when are we likely to reach this milestone?

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What are artificial neural networks (ANN)?

The concept and science behind artificial neural networks have existed for many decades. But it has only been in the past few years that the promises of neural networks have turned to reality and helped the AI industry emerge from an extended winter. While neural networks have helped the AI take great leaps, they are also often misunderstood. Here’s everything you need to know about neural networks. Artificial neural networks are inspired from their biological counterparts.

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How Important is Robotic Process Automation in HR?

Adopting robotic process automation in HR is vital for organizations who hope to retain their employees. When HR no longer spends all of its time on files, reports, and so on, it actually has the ability to reach out to employees, provide ongoing training programs for employees who need and want them, pay attention to those employees who are truly making an effort in their positions, and boost the overall morale of the organization. Here are six ways in which HR automation can play an important role in your organization.

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No one-size-fits-all competencies for project management

Project management is a relatively new profession, there is no consistent picture of what a project manager is, and what competencies individuals filling a project management role should have. There are no one-size-fits-all competencies required for operational project management (OPM) in today's era of digital disruption. Nevertheless, there are certain important behavioural and personal competencies that should always be taken into consideration when appointing a new project manager, or looking at the competencies an already-employed project manager would require in order advancing his or her career prospects.

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Bringing superhuman capabilities to business

AI will make superhuman capabilities available that we will harness to take our understanding of the universe around us and the evolution of human society to the next level. Businesses that utilise AI will outperform others because they will be able to accomplish things that those without AI cannot. At a strategic level, businesses need AI to help make sense of this new world where the amount of data being generated is overwhelming and we don’t have the capabilities to process it manually.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Making The Shift From System To Ecosystem

What makes artificial intelligence different than earlier technologies is that the system learns as data is fed into it. What’s most important for business leaders to know is that AI is no longer some kind of “gee whiz” technology, but increasingly key to competing effectively in today’s marketplace. As the technology continues to evolve from complex integrated systems to a modular ecosystem, even small and medium enterprises will find that they need to adopt these capabilities or fall behind.

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Blockchain Business Models for Autonomous IoT Sensor Devices

 The Internet of Things (IoT) and process automatization will revolutionize many industrial and consumer business applications. With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), new business models have to be created, capable of handling machine to machine communication and the facilitation of micropayments. In this paper, it is examined, how blockchain characteristics and other distributed ledger technologies benefit the IoT development. Furthermore, a new blockchain business model framework for autonomous IoT sensor devices is presented.

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The AI Roles Some Companies Forget to Fill

There is an intensively competitive market for artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists.  Many companies first attempt to hire Ph.D.-level data scientists with expertise in AI algorithms and feature engineering. Some analysts have even equated “AI talent” with such researchers. However, AI talent goes far beyond machine learning Ph.D’s.  Equally important and less understood are the set of talent issues emerging around AI product development and engineering. Most firms have not filled these roles, and their AI projects are suffering as a result.

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SQL Case Study: Helping a Startup CEO Manage His Data

If you know some SQL, I hope you find this article useful as well and see some other things might add to your knowledge. You can mostly write queries with SQL. This is almost right because SQL is very intuitive. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a table, insert values into it, use and understand some data types, use SELECT statements, UPDATE records, use some aggregate functions and more.

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The Data Fabric for Machine Learning. Part 2: Building a Knowledge-Graph.

The fabric in the data fabric is built from a knowledge-graph, to create a knowledge-graph you need semantics and ontologies to find a useful way of linking your data that uniquely identifies and connects data with common business terms. The knowledge graph consists in integrated collections of data and information that also contains huge numbers of links between different data. The data here can represent concepts, objects, things, people and actually whatever you have in mind. The graph fills in the relationships, the connections between the concepts.

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Why Artificial Intelligence is not a technological revolution

Now we are facing this new character in the stage of evolution that is Artificial Intelligence. Where do we have to put this card in the puzzle of human history? Artificial Intelligence is not a tool at all. It’s more like a synthetic partner in our lives. It’s something able to use cognitive capabilities in order to perform certain tasks faster than we can. So it’s not a tool; it’s an artificial extension of our brain. AI, with its role of boosting human capabilities, can actually be the key for salvation from self-extinction. And this has nothing to share with technology.

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Transitioning to Data Science: How to become a data scientist, and how to create a data science team

There are many nuances in creating a data science team that taking it loosely will certainly lead into failure. So far, it should be clear how different technical roles and expertise along with soft skills intertwine to create a team that can achieve great objectives in data science. Selecting individuals to join such a team is a great challenge and needs to be done with care. Here are huge opportunities for data scientists to interact and learn from each other. 

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Blockchain Beyond the Hype

Is there too much hype surrounding blockchain?  Absolutely,… but not surprising.  All potentially transformative technologies are oversold in their early stages.  Remember the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s.  Blockchain is still in its early phases of experimentation and adoption.  Much work remains to be done on standards, platforms, interoperability, applications and governance.  But, does blockchain have the potential to become a truly transformative technology over time?  Yes, said McKinsey in a recent article on the strategic value of blockchain beyond the hype. 

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Does Your Company Need That Chatbot?

Does your company need a chatbot? Do you have money to invest in good AI? There is nothing that can annoy customers more than dealing with a bot who can do literally nothing besides direct them to a person who can. We’ve all had experiences of dealing with chatbots that were efficient and smart—and those that made us want to smash our computer screen. Does your company have money to invest in quality AI? If not, it might be worth skipping the chatbot option.

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Measuring without labels: a different approach to information extraction

Information extraction is a major problem in the fields of natural language processing and web mining, in particular when it comes to evaluating domains where language cannot be taken at face value. In modern artificial intelligence (AI) community, information extraction is done using machine learning. Supervised machine learning methods take training set of webpages, with gold standard extractions, and learn an IE function based on statistical models like conditional random fields and even deep neural nets.

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Ten Charts That Will Change Your Perspective Of AI In Marketing

Artificial Intelligence enables marketers to understand sales cycles better, correlating their strategies and spending to sales results. AI-driven insights are also helping to break down data silos so marketing and sales can collaborate more on deals.Marketing is more analytics and quant-driven than ever before with the best CMOs knowing which metrics and KPIs to track and why they fluctuate. The bottom line is that machine learning and AI are the technologies CMOs and their teams need to excel today.  The following ten charts provide insights into how AI is transforming marketing.

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The Data Fabric for Machine Learning Part 1-b – Deep Learning on Graphs

It’s possible to run deep learning algorithms on the data fabric by deploying graph neural nets models for the graph data we have, if we can connect the knowledge-graph with the Spektral (or other) library. Besides standard graph inference tasks such as node or graph classification, graph-based deep learning methods have also been applied to a wide range of disciplines, such as modeling social influence, recommendation systems, chemistry, physics, disease or drug prediction, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, traffic forecasting, program induction and solving graph-based NP problems.

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How to correctly select a sample from a huge dataset in machine learning

In this article, you will learn that a proper sample can be statistically significant to represent the whole population. This may help us in machine learning because a small dataset can make us train models more quickly than a larger one, carrying the same amount of information. However, everything is strongly related to the significance level we choose. For certain kinds of problems, it can be useful to raise the confidence level or discard those variables that don’t show a suitable p-value.

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Value Based Prioritisation - The Building Block of Any Agile Methodology

Value based prioritisation should be at the centre of any organisation and form the building block of any agile methodology. Companies that prioritise their strategy by value adapt quicker and work iteratively to continuously deliver a more valuable product to their customer, and at a much faster rate than their competitors. Working this way ensures that every team member is directing their energies for the same goal to unlock the full potential of the business.

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Say No to Male-Dominated Industries: Gender Inequality in Blockchain

Women lack representation in the total blockchain cryptocurrency investors. Probable chances are their lack of interest or reach to join blogs, forums, and spaces to get information related to blockchain investments. The scenario is similar to the initial lack of women representation in all other areas like politics, technology, and entertainment and so on. It is the ongoing trend of gender inequality that is inflicted in modern brains deeply. Undoubtedly, this industry demands a transformation as soon as possible.

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The 4 Pillars of a Lasting Cyber Security Transformation

There is no magical technology platform or service provider which can be – on its own – the answer to a fundamental transformative challenge around cyber security. The overarching challenge for the CISO lies in getting senior management to see that long-term change is rooted in a long-term vision and long-term planning which takes time to establish. Simply throwing money at the problem in the hope of making it disappear, without a proper consideration of those matters simply leads to failure and can only aggravate the perception by senior stakeholders that security is just a cost and a burden.

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