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Top 20 Big Data Companies in 2014: Competitive Landscape

Visiongain has predicted that the big data market would reach $12.4 billion.

The big data phenomenon gradually surpassed the “buzzword” stage to become a solid, ground reality in almost 80% of global enterprises in one form or another. The importance of this technology in any large-volume, data processing work is unmatched. The biggest strength of big data technology is its scalability,  the fact that it can be adapted and utilized piecemeal in small, medium, or large data-driven scenarios with the proven assurance of reaping immediate rewards in terms of operational efficiency, low cost, more savings, and enhanced customer experience.

A technical, research report by Visiongain, titled presents the following issues as pertaining to the global big data industry:

  • R & D strategy
  • Technological constraints
  • Market drivers and market positioning
  • Supply/demand dynamics
  • Prospects of new innovations
  • Specialization by leading players
  • Big data industry consolidation
  • Increasing demands for product quality

Background of the research report

Big data, as predicted by all the leading market research organizations, is here to stay and is rapidly being adopted across all government and industry sectors. Visiongain projects significant market opportunities for big data vendors, solution providers, and allied- technology partners. Visiongain determines that as a result of this phenomenal market growth, 20 major companies will dominate the global big-data market, accounting for 55% of the total annual market revenue. This prophecy seems to indicate that the big-data industry, as a whole, is fragmented.

The unique characteristic of Visiongain’s report is that it is completely based on the latest statistics and information derived from the big data industry sector. Besides containing some fresh company profiles, market analyses, and direct interviews, the report also draws a fresh set of conclusions based on newly available market data.

Inside Competitive Landscape Analysis

This report throws light on the ongoing market movements and provides a fresh perspective that may help you understand:

  1. The rationale behind drawn conclusions, solidly resting on raw quantitative data
  2. The scope for new opportunities and revenue streams
  3. The detailed analysis of the top 20—their business strategies and competitive agenda
  4. The assessment of  competitive big-data technologies and market prospects
  5. The results of convergence of cross-sector verticals
  6. The proliferation of big data cross domains and sectors
  7. Sound business intelligence to learn and remain competitive in today’s big data industry.

This report can easily serve as a guide to struggling or developing businesses interested in deriving strategic business gains from big data. This 132-pages long report is data intensive, providing key market insight through many tables, charts, and graphs. The report is also one of the few that gives you access to complete interview transcripts of all the interviews with the industry thought leaders.

Future forecasts for big data market

This report does not stop with a thorough analysis of the past and current market trends and patterns in the big data industry. The Visiongain analysts use the current analysis to provide credible projections for market growth between 2013 and 2018; the growth drivers and growth trends of the future; the secrets of success of industry leaders; and an assessment of big data technologies and companies that have the brightest future prospects.

The whole point behind presenting the top 20 big data companies in this report is to share their market shares, revenues, competitive positioning, product portfolios, R &D, services, M&A activities, and future strategies, so that you can learn from the best.

Useful features of the report

The research contained in this report is rich in the following characteristics:

  1. Many industry big wigs like Accenture, IBM, CISCO, Deloitte, HP, EMC, and many more have been thoroughly consulted with first-hand business data.
  2. The report provides a neat blend of quantitative data and qualitative analysis directly correlated to the raw numbers and figures.
  3. The information contained provides such key determinants as market share, revenue projections, technological trends, and expert opinions.
  4. Solid analysis derived from a combination of primary and secondary research materials.
  5. Sound business intelligence to drive the future, big data strategy in your organization.

You can find the full report here:

Top 20 Big Data Companies 2014: Competitive Landscape Analysis

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