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  • Aruna Ravichandran
  • MAR 21, 2018

Time to Get Serious About DevOps

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Software is everywhere in the modern business, and you need to develop, update and deploy it fast.In the digital era, software powers everything a firm does. It runs your operations, organizes your workforce, does your data analysis, supports your marketing activity and much more.

A vital enabler of rapid software delivery is DevOps - the merging of application development and IT operations. It speeds up the creation and launch of new products, features and customer experiences, and ensures that they're as effective as possible. In the digital economy, DevOps underpins the flexibility you need to give customers what they want, when they want it.

Initial Adoption of DevOps in Full Swing

New global research conducted by Freeform Dynamics looks at how companies are updating their software delivery processes to embrace critical practices like DevOps.

IT and business decision-makers appreciate the importance of DevOps. The survey showed that more than two thirds (68%) say they're committed to fully adopting DevOps; a quarter (25%) have already done so.

What's more, they're using it across the full spectrum of their application development activity.

Around three quarters say DevOps is a priority when creating apps for web, mobile, legacy systems and cloud. Similarly, it's a focus when developing apps for a wide range of uses, including customer experience and support, employee productivity and digital transformation.

% of respondents describing DevOps as a priority when creating:


Reality Check

But if we look a little closer, most firms appear to be only in the early stages of DevOps adoption.

They may be applying the approach to most of their apps, but they lack the breadth, depth and consistency of use that will unleash its full benefits.

Just 16% of respondents give their organization the highest score in terms of the breadth of DevOps currently in use. Not many more rate the depth (19%) or consistency (20%) of use highly.

Our findings suggest that there's some way to go before developers and IT operations staff are genuinely cooperating throughout the software lifecycle. Less than a fifth of businesses have really mastered the principles of DevOps and agile, despite their critical importance in today's environment.

Barriers to Full DevOps

So what's holding the others back? If they understand the advantages of DevOps, and are committed to embracing it, what's stopping them from fully exploiting its potential?

Respondents point to six common barriers to fully fledged adoption:

  1. Culture: 83% highlight the need for a culture that encourages collaboration
  2. Recruitment: 77% say it's difficult to find experienced DevOps professionals
  3. Skills: 78% want more collaboration training for IT teams
  4. Time: 74% want more time freed up for teams to put DevOps in place
  5. Resource: 75% say more dedicated resources are needed to put DevOps in place
  6. Leadership: 82% call for more management support

What will be required to embed DevOps into the fabric of the organization?

This will entail:

  • implementing practical processes to smooth broader and deeper adoption
  • hiring development and IT talent capable of working together to the DevOps principles
  • allocating the financial resources, training and management time to ensure these priorities are met

Firms that fail to achieve these measures risk missing out on a powerful competitive advantage.

We studied the business performance of the small set of organizations that have mastered DevOps and its associated methodology, agile. Our analysis found that these "Agility Masters" typically achieve some 60% higher revenue and profit growth than the mainstream. The time for full DevOps is now.

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