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  • MAR 23, 2014

A Surge in Big Data Venture Capital Investments

With the growing realization that big data is here to stay, there is a rise in both the number of venture capital firms investing in big data startups and also the amount of money being invested.  Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, IA Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, and Khosla Ventures lead the pack in the number of big data investments.  New VCs focused exclusively on big data are also popping up.  The size of investments in some of these companies is rather large. For instance, Palantir–which provides analytics solutions to government and financial sectors–has been able to raise an astounding $605 million.  Last year, also witnessed three big data IPOs–Splunk ($331 million), Tableau ($254 million), and Rocket Fuel ($116 million).  Indeed, these are exciting times for anyone working on or investing in data and analytics.

The infographic below from big data startups does a fine job in summarizing these trends.

Big Data Starups Investment Infographic - Big Data means Big Buc

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