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  • JUN 06, 2019

Smart Advisor – The Next Big Wave in Automation!

We live in a technology-driven world today. Every decision we make is the result of the analysis of various possibilities and insights we gather over a period of time. Financial advisory services thrive majorly on the historical analysis of the spending and investments of their clients. It gets quite critical for them to carefully monitor the market trends and deduce an actionable plan for their clients in order to manage their finances. Thus, a distinctive smart advisor market exists from a global perspective.

With the incorporation of smart and intelligent methodologies in financial management, the financial advisory industry is progressing towards getting entitled as smart financial services. This demand also is largely promoting growth in the global smart advisor market. There are many technologies that are supporting smart financial advisors in the smart advisors market. One such prominent technology is artificial intelligence or AI.

The technology is making dramatic growth of efficiency and quality in the advisory business. The technology is helping advisors offer better investment suggestions and solution to the clients. AI can help financial services in the field of trading, investments, and savings.

The global smart advisors market is envisioned to gain impetus while riding on the need for automation of tasks in different industries and rising application of artificial intelligence (AI) therein. Furthermore, rising use of social media and mobile phone could help with market growth in the near future. A report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) gives detailed information on how the market could gather pace in the coming years, and know more about Smart Advisors Industry Trends here.

How AI is Making Financial Services Smart?

With AI-driven software programs, financial advisors can manage client’s account and generate a portfolio to manage all the investment operation and provide better suggestions for better fruitful investments. The software shall use the data collected by customers to create portfolios for the clients.

The smart algorithms in the software produce automated suggestions and advice based on the history of the client's previous investments. Such AI-driven algorithms eliminate a major part of human interventions reducing the probability of errors. This is a major factor driving growth in the smart advisor market.

With the involvement of smart technology in the smart advisor market, businesses are getting furthermore advantages such as cost-effectiveness, reliability, efficiency, and security. AI involved in the software allows businesses to have a better investment plan for clients. This, as a result, attracts more clients favoring the growth of the business and eventually smart advisor market.

Players operating in the world smart advisors market are projected to find encouragement in their growth journey as financial organizations and banks increase use of the application program. Moreover, there could be growing use of smart advisors in large as well as small enterprises. Demand for virtual physicians is expected to increase application of smart advisors in the healthcare industry. Need to perform different types of tasks through machine operations could raise the level of demand in the market.

Initial phases of the adoption of smart advisors may require a massive investment. While this could create tough times in the world smart advisors market, need for more skills, training, and knowledge to operate smart advisors and understand its complexity is predicted to challenge growth in the coming years.

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