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  • MAY 06, 2014

Latest Big Data Funding Rounds: May, 6 2014

Venture capital funding activities in the big data industry have substantially slowed down after the major Intel-Cloudera funding round, but many technology or financial services startups seem to be attracting investors with definite plans for holding stakes in these funded companies.


This technology startup provides a security monitoring service for spotting and blocking security threats that large companies typically face while using social media.  This company just raised $10.7 million in venture capital funding today. The company provides dashboards and alerts to its customers as it monitors their accounts on various social media sites.

Investors: New Enterprise Associates (for Zero FOX), Core Capital, Genacast Ventures, and John Jack.


Founded in 2009 and based out of NY, this social media analytics company just raised $40 million in a Series D round. Sprinklr markets tools for managing cross-platform social media activities. Primarily catering to brands, this company currently has already acquired 450 enterprise customers. Sprinklr has raised $77 million till now; and plans to invest the newly acquired funds to for headcount and infrastructure growth that can amount to an IPO next year.

Investors:  Iconiq Capital, Intel Capital, and  Battery Ventures. 


Founded in 2012, this business-forecasting startup based out of Mountain View, California, raised $8 million Series A round.  Aviso markets cloud-based risk-management applications; and provides a cloud-based forecasting tool for predicting their revenues. The company applies advanced portfolio-management principles and machine learning to forecast revenues.  Aviso calls its service a “Total Revenue Intelligence.”

Investors: Shasta Ventures, First Round Capital, Cowboy Ventures, and  Bloomberg Beta. 


This startup offers developers a product for tracking app data—along with functionality to adjust and change the look and feel of the app. The company managed to raise $1MM in venture capital funding. The company claims that its marketed product provides capability for fine-tuning the app without changing the code.

Investors: Faber Ventures and Portugal Ventures


Just out of a stealth mode, this startup raised $9MM with plans to market a software system for managing network operations at a customer’s onsite data centers and remote offices. This company’s philosophy is to shift the power of networking to software— where decision-making applications run on standard, low-cost servers, across WANs that span multiple facilities. This software system enables companies to create and modify policies for applications running at many sites, from a centralized management platform.

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