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Latest Big Data Funding Rounds: May 20, 2014

Here is the big data funding roundup for the past week.

?rowdSystems: This analytics startup raised $1 million in a fresh round of funding, according to company sources. CrowdSystems’ analytics suite offers retail business owners a handy set of operational analytics tools for physical stores. CrowdSystems plans to invest the newly acquired funds in enhancing its retail analytics platform and expanding the range of available data-collection tools. The fresh round of capital funding was led by InVenture Partners.

This Moscow-based startup, since its inception in 2013, has picked up over 100,000 users who provide valuable feedback to retailers in 450 cities across the world.  Their impressive client list includes RedBull, Colgate-Palmolive, and Svyaznoy. The data collection methodology that this startup employs includes a sign-up on Top Mission via a mobile app. The site visitors are usually paid to perform tasks like evaluating merchandise, evaluating Ads, rating human resources and so forth. The program is similar to a secret shopper program, but scaled “beyond a single retail chain.”

Colabo: This California-based sales solutions enabler raised seed funds of $1.5 million. The capital funding was led by big data incubator—The Hive. Other investors who participated in this round included Paul Maritz, Raghu Raghuram, and Ray Rothrock.

The company will use the funds to scale up its sales or CRM operations as well as to enhance its “lead discovery and qualification platform.”  According to company reports, Colabo has helped increase monthly sales of its clients threefold with a 50 per cent reduction in sales cycles.

T.M. Ravi, the founder of The Hive remarked, “We feel the CRM space is ripe for disruption by a next generation of data integration and predictive analytics solutions like Colabo.”

Founded by a group of entrepreneurs in late 2010, Colabo offers a product that supports activities like including lead genration, lead qualification, and predictive analytics. This software collects data from online sources, presents the data through a dashboard. The built-in functionality generates alerts whenever changes occur in the data sources. The visualization capability of the software is also quite useful for understanding the data being tracked.

Pantheon: A start-up providing website-maintenance services to marketers, media outlets, and other companies raised $21.5 million in a new venture-capital funding round.  Scale Venture Partners led the round—with participation from OpenView Venture Partners, Baseline Ventures, First Round Capital, Floodgate Fund, and Foundry Group. The newly acquired funding will be used to expand the company’s geographical footprint, to enhance the business infrastructure, and to extend the capabilities of its dashboard.

OpenGov: This Mountain View, CA-based financial data startup raised a staggering $15 million in a Series B round of capital funding. The funding round was led by Andreesen Horowitz and two other investors. OpenGov offers a Cloud-based platform for analyzing, visualizing, and sharing government financial data online. The company plans to use the acquired funds in further product-development efforts, in expanding its sales team, and in enhancing its customer service function. Founded in 2012, OpenGov has acquired approximately 100 clients to date.

Anaplan: This Cloud-based financial and HR planning service provider, raised $100 million in new funding. Anaplan offers a storage platform for finance, HR, and related business data. The funding round was lead by DFJ—with participation from Brookside Capital, Coatue Management, Granite Ventures, Meritech Capital Partners, Salesforce.com, Sands Capital Management, Shasta Ventures, and Workday. Anaplan had earlier raised $30 Million, bringing the business’s total funds acquisition to $150 million.

Based out of San Francisco, CA, the company offers an analytics suite that enables users to conduct predictive analytics based on “what-if” scenarios. For example, predictive analytics with its tools may be used to determine consolidation plans after an acquisition, or for determining optimized sales quotas. But Anaplan’s strategic shift to the Cloud platform signals its desire to extend its software capabilities. Anaplan’s client list includes Salesforce.com, Jive, Activision, Conde Nast, and Tilera. Anaplan’s competitors happen to be Host Analytics, Adaptive Insights, and Tidemark.

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