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Funded Big Data Companies to Watch in 2014

A large number big data startups have made news and attracted the attention of venture capital fund providers in recent times. These companies have managed to differentiate themselves in an aggressive market by offering unique technologies, products, and services. The reason that they have received high funding proves that their product or service offerings are worth investing in. Some of these companies may be worth following this year. A selection of five, such big-data startups are listed on this post.



CloudPhysics provisions detailed troubleshooting of IT databanks to minimize operational costs and human intervention in IT services. Currently, they receive 100+ billion samples of IT data from their global users, which they utilize to solve configuration- or performance-related problems in enterprise IT outfits.

CloudPhysics offers premium services by combining data analytics with simulation and resource-management techniques. The company believes their unique approach to troubleshooting helps uncover operational inefficiencies and risks that endanger computational resources. Their complex analytical solutions enable data centers to make better decisions.

Backed by $12.5 million in capital funding raised funds from Angel Investors and the Mayfield Fund, this company added a recent, Series B round of funding of $10 million—led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. It will be interesting to watch how they expand the scope of their services this year.



This company received its latest round of Series B, venture-capital funds in January 2014, which amounted to $35 million.  Before this funding event, the company raised $45 million from Data Collective, Accel Partners, First Round Capital, and Khosla Ventures.

The fund providers truly believe that the real-time analytics have the potential to transform  the way organizations provide services to their customers. However, this company’s product will face technological hurdles as legacy databases have limitations that prevent MemSQL buyers to get the full worth from their investment.



BloomReach’s  organic,  search technology uses a combination of strategies like site-level content structure and machine learning to predict content demand. Based on the results of its predictive analytics, the product adapts page content to match viewer expectations.  BloomReach also uses data analytics to match consumers with page content and products. This technology has the potential to increase revenue-per-site-visit by up to 40 percent.

In three distinct rounds of capital funding, this company has managed to raise $41 million from Bain Capital Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and another fund provider. The major part of this funding will be used to acquire up to 60 percent of net-new users.



Altiscale’s cloud-based service provisions setting up, operating, and managing Hadoop environments for its big-data customers. This service provider ensures that their expert engineers are available to deploy and manage the Hadoop infrastructure from start to finish—so that the customers can singularly focus on their data and applications. Altiscale alters the scale of a project, depending on the customer’s changing needs.

Altiscale received a $12 million capital funding in Series A from General Catalyst and Sequoia Capital, and other private sponsors.



Couchbase is an open-source vendor, building its business model around a community of developers and users of Couchbase database technology. The company’s flagship product —Couchbase Server is marketed in two editions—Enterprise and Community.

Couchbase, to date, has raised $56 million in venture capital funding from Mayfield Fund, North Bridge Venture Partners, Ignition Partners, and others. Couchbase technology believes that its NoSQL database provides immense scalability and free-form data modeling. Couchbase also claims to be the pioneer in NoSQL database technology for the mobile platform.  They have consistently provided high performance and served a wide variety of industries like media, social networking, advertising, e-commerce, and gaming.

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