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  • Eran Kinsbruner
  • APR 05, 2019

Four areas where devops and CIOs must get on the same page

CIOs have an optimistic view of the state of devops. Now’s the time to align CIO goals and devops practitioners’ realities

With more businesses adopting devops—and even more experiencing a need for faster development cycles—it’s imperative that executives and devops practitioners work together to ensure success. Despite devops gaining momentum, teams are still struggling to transform their current stack to better accommodate an accelerating pipeline.

Upon closer examination, part of the problem is that these two groups are on very different pages when it comes to strategy customer experience and progress. A recent report from Forrester notes that more than 60 percent of executives believe their organization’s devops plans have been implemented and will even expand throughout the year. However, more than 50 percent of devops pros who are in the weeds and working through their pipelines every day disagree. 

What’s causing this disconnect? 

In particular, dev teams have started to encounter three major transformations causing a shift left as new developments and enhancements catch the eye of the C-suite. Although these changes help ensure devops implementations are successful, they also add additional pressures to their daily responsibilities that often go unnoticed by the C-suite.

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