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  • SEP 10, 2019

Five Ways IoT Will Revolutionize the Transportation

In the last few years, you must have seen how the world is becoming digital with the coming of various technologies. Among those technologies, IoT is one of the thrilling technologies that is based on the concept of Artificial intelligence. 

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of several devices such as vehicles, home appliances connected through the internet to exchange data and information. And the data could be shared between people and things or things- things. There could be any kind of combination. 

In short, it is basically a network of things that are able to share information without the interference of human beings. 

The IoT devices are increasing with the passage of time. Have a look at a stat by Safeatlast below:

Well, in this piece of article, we are going to discuss what is the impact of IoT on the transportation industry. Let’s see:

It Will Make Driving Safer

As this technology is based on Artificial intelligence, it is able to make drivers drive safely. Well, how? 

Let me tell you that here I am not talking about the high-end cameras but also about the sensors with the help of which you can detect the car activity even out of the car’s vantage point. Sensors make the drivers get alerts when the car is about to reach a red light or cross into their lane. Ultimately this helps to avoid the maximum number of serious accidents on the road. 

In fact, according to some researches, it has been found that with the help of vehicle connectivity the accidents have been reduced to 80 percent. And it will be more beneficial if these sensors would be able to detect the activities of the drivers like when they feel impaired, asleep, or suffer a medical emergency.

Vehicle Health

As presently, IoT is working for the driver’s safety but in the coming future, there would be driverless cars. And that time, the health of the vehicle will be more important in order to create a safe and efficient world and there IoT will help. 

The IoT ecosystem of the vehicle’s part will help in inspecting the condition of the vehicle that, if the car, bus, or boat is operating at its full potential or not. If there is any kind of problem with the mechanism of the vehicle, then the sensors will notify the driver or mechanic.

At the place of the IoT ecosystem, companies and drivers will focus on checking the vehicle’s age, fuel performance, braking, and speed, to name a few, throughout the day. Ultimately, this will keep the passengers safe and secure and will help the manufacturers to make better vehicles. 

It Will Make Route More Efficient

Apart from keeping drivers safer, IoT with the help of sensors equipped cars as well as data will help the drivers to find out the routes where there is no traffic.

Yes! It is ok if you are taking the help of GPS in finding the routes. But IoT will take your GPS to the next level by helping it to find the traffic routes, traffic hours, traffic information from lights, busses, trains, cars, and each and everything that you can imagine. 

Fleet Management

Let’s see how IoT is helping in the Fleet management system.

Yes! It is really important for business leaders to look for real-time fleet information so that the maximum benefit could be gained in real-time. With the passage of time, this fleet management technology is gaining importance in the field of operational efficiency, maintenance cost, fuel consumption, regulatory compliance, and speed up accident response.  Fleet management offers GPS tracking, geo-fencing, customized dashboards, and real-time business decisions. 

Logistics and Geo-fencing  

Geo-fencing will help make logistics significantly easier in case you want to manage a small fleet of self-driving trucks or you are desiring for a large fleet of standard shipping. 

Logistics managers are able to see regarding the shipment of the package with the help of an IoT tool like geo-fencing. 

With the help of one device, the regional manager of a supplier is able to manage massive chains. Talking about the IoT system with a driverless fleet, there is a need for some people in order to monitor a large number of shipments. 

With the help of Geo-fencing, you can manage crowds in cities in order to help any overcrowding which may become the cause of any slowdowns. In order to avoid pedestrians, quiet areas, and school zones in a city, vehicles may be redirected to other regions for that cause. 

Final words

After going through the whole article, you must be now aware of the fact that how IoT is revolutionizing the transportation industry. In short, it could be said that this technology is helping a lot in taking care of both the mode of transport and the driver in order to avoid mishappenings. Keeping into consideration this fact, various IoT development companies in India are welcoming you to implement this technology in your project in order to boost your business. 

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