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  • JUN 18, 2018

Expert Interview: Sumit Pal on Big Data - Technology, Architecture and Innovations

From our series of expert interviews, there is one thing that we have been able to establish - emerging technologies are redefining industries. But there’s still a lot that businesses and professionals need to understand about its impact. 

While you’ll see a lot of them talking about technologies such as the cloud, machine learning, AI and others, you will rarely see them with an answer that states the ‘how’. That’s because even though the terms have become a rage in their professional networks, most of them are not skilled enough to comment on them. 

Today, we have Sumit Pal with us, who is a data science and analytics expert with a masters from Harvard. Let’s hear his take on emerging technologies. 

Experfy: Could you tell us a little about yourself and what you have done?

Sumit Pal: With more than 22 years of experience in the software industry across various roles spanning from startups to enterprises, I’m now actively creating expert courses on Big Data Analytics, on Experfy. 

I work as an independent consultant on big data, data science and software architecture to build end-to-end data driven analytic systems. The last project I worked on was a healthcare startup, Qcentive, where I was the first architect and developer to be hired. I worked with the team on building a custom ETL and analytic engine framework and platform with Spark and Scala. 

I have previously worked for Microsoft (SQL server development team), Oracle (OLAP development team) and Verizon (Big Data analytics team). 

Oh, and I’m also a published author with Apress - “Big Data - Technology, Architecture and Innovations.” 

Experfy: Wow, that’s really impressive. Which emerging technology do you think will redefine industries and create a massive impact?

Sumit Pal: Mainly AI and Blockchain with uses across multiple domains and industries. Of course, data management and data science will lie at the core of it all.  

The industry now knows the emerging technologies as: CAMBRIC (Cloud, AI, Mobile, Big Data, Robotics, IOT, Cybersecurity) 

Experfy: Do you think it is important for professionals today to reskill/ upskill themselves with emerging technologies?

Sumit Pal: Absolutely. In fact, I believe you should always try to find time for it else you’re at the risk of falling behind. 

You are your best competitor. So grow bit by bit every day, invest in yourself and use your time wisely. This is actually pretty easy right now as there is so much to learn from interactive resources on platforms like Experfy. 

But at the same time, it is also important for the new age professionals to know that when they share their knowledge with others, they grow more. 

Experfy: Which other technologies do you recommend that millennials need to catch up with?

Sumit Pal: Data related technologies - whether it is Data management, Data Analytics, Databases or Data Science, it’s important to acknowledge that there is nothing we can do without data today. 

Experfy: Is there anything else that you’d like our readers to know before they explore their paths in emerging technologies? 

Sumit Pal: Emerging technologies can be overwhelming. I would say that while you’re trying to learn new things, make sure you’re also having fun and enjoy the journey. 

The one ground rule that I have followed all these years, is to absorb everything and retain only what you think is the most important for you. 

Have you been hearing all about big data too all this while? It’s time to catch up with the times and upskill yourself to be able to apply big data into day to day processes. 

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