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Expert Interview: Peter Chen On AI, Machine Learning And Data Science

When it comes to emerging technologies, many talk about the importance of incorporating them in day to day processes - especially when it comes to businesses. But there only a few that have hands on experience with them. So we decided to interview some experts who have spent years working on different technologies, experimenting with their use cases and guiding others who wanted to grow in that field. 

Today, we have Peter Chen with us. He is a data science and analytics expert with a masters from Harvard. 

Experfy: Hello Peter, it’s great to have you with us today and thank you for agreeing to do this. 

Peter: It was definitely an exciting opportunity to speak with likeminded people. 

Experfy: To start with, could you tell us a little about yourself and what you have done so far in emerging technology? 

Peter: I started my career in quantitative investment management, after graduating from MIT. after my time as a quant, I shifted my career to another data intensive field that is now called ‘data science’. Since then, I’ve worked in the tech, energy, retail and financial service sectors doing analytics and data science. I have worked with both startups and bigger companies like Petco, Sempra Energy, Mitchell International and others. 

In fact, I also went back to graduate school and got my masters from Harvard. 

Currently, I am Chief Data Scientist & Principal at Hyperplanar. We are an analytics, data science and AI consulting and training shop. We provide data science, analytics and AI services, product and data strategy, across a number of industries. 

We also offer online training and on-site corporate training to our customers. 

Experfy: That’s an extensive background and we’re sure it wasn’t as easy as you make it sound. 

Peter: Well, it did take some hard work and years of working hands on. 

Experfy: We want to highlight the importance of the emerging technologies to our readers. Which of these technologies do you think will redefine industries and create a massive impact? 

Peter: I think AI and machine learning have been redefining industries. They will create even more massive impact than they already have. 

These technologies will stretch beyond just using them to beat human games. They will redefine what’s possible with the technologies that are available to us. For instance, improving healthcare, agriculture, transportation, insurance, eCommerce - you name it. The possibilities are endless. 

Experfy: Since these technologies didn’t really exist right from the beginning, do you think it is important for professionals who have already settled into their careers, to reskill/ upskill themselves in one of them?

Peter: I think it’s extremely important for professionals to constantly re-skill and upskill. The technologies are constantly changing and acquiring new skills are at the core of keeping up with your professional development. It will basically make you marketable and desirable in an ever changing career landscape. 

There are many excellent avenues to learn from, today. One such place is definitely with you guys. I have seen an amazing array of courses built by industry leaders and experts, on your platform. 

Experfy: Thank you so much for recommending us Peter. Having you onboard as an expert is surely an honour. 

When you say that one should constantly upskill or re-skill, how do you think it will help them grow in their careers? 

Peter: In order to participate in the endless career opportunities by AI and machine learning, one needs to acquire the skills on those technologies. Having these skills can be directly applicable to jobs that require them and there are a spectrum of those across various industries. From engineers to data scientists, researchers and management, there’s a lot of scope for someone who goes the extra mile to understand these emerging technologies. 

One just has to find a niche and then acquire the skills to fulfill that niche to grow their career.  

Experfy: We absolutely agree. Which other technologies do you recommend that millennials need to catch up with? 

Peter: Always be on the lookout for the new and emerging technologies. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about blockchain and its practical applications, for instance. 

Blockchain will be another area that will evolve into a massive technology. Perhaps, one can be creative and combine both AI and machine learning with blockchain to come up with novel applications that the market needs. 

Experfy: So it’s all about understanding emerging technologies, associating them with practical uses and experimenting with them to unlock their potential. 

Peter: Yes. 

Experfy: We have a lot of readers who are interested in learning more about one of the emerging technologies that has peaked their interest. Is there anything else that you’d like to share with them? 

Peter: I believe that in this 21st century, there are many exciting opportunities that have opened up by the advent of these new technologies. So one has to be open minded and open eared to see and hear what’s happening around us. 

Having the drive to develop the right skillset to go after new opportunities, is what will set you apart. That’s the mindset of those are successfully growing in their professional lives. 

Experfy: Absolutely right, Peter. In fact, in our last post, we discussed how upskilling and reskilling has become so important for professionals today. 

Well, thank you Peter, for being with us today for a quick chat! We look forward to seeing more courses from you on Experfy. 

Interested in learning more about Peter Chen and what he has been working on in data science, and analytics? 

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