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Data Scientist Study – Infographic by EMC

The recent explosion of industrial data, the emergence of advanced big data technologies, and inexpensive hardware and bandwidth—all fuel a renewed interest in the field of Data Science. Now, more than ever, highly skilled data scientists are in demand by governments, businesses, and educational institutions to leverage superior technology to extract the “the last drop of insight” from vast piles of data generated every day.

Data Scientist Study Infographic

The infographic below examines a data scientist from various angles:

  1. The supply-demand ratio in the data scientist market over the next five years: Survey results are published to prove the market perception of this supply-demand ratio.
  2. The key sources of data science talent pool: The common debate between computer science vs. non-computer science vs. practical experience remains.
  3. Some obstacles to data science work in organizations: Common roadblocks like budgetary constraints, lack of technological infrastructure, lack of skilled manpower, among others are cited.
  4. The probable academic backgrounds of data scientists: Here, the data scientists are compared with their BI peers for an evaluative study of probable academic degrees, probable years of study etc of each of these roles
  5. Technology-aided role models of data scientists: The importance of cutting-edge technology in the life of a data scientist is emphasized here.
  6. Personality traits of successful data scientists: Some traits have been identified as more likely to be found in successful data scientists.
  7. The organizational role of data scientist: The typical position, roles, and responsibilities of data scientists in an organization are graphically discussed here.
Source: EMC

Source: EMC


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