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  • Ankit Rathi
  • MAY 07, 2018

Data Literacy for Professionals

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Data Literacy for Professionals

This is the pilot post of blog post series ‘Data Literacy for Professionals’, this post covers the context, table of content & links to related posts topic-wise. I would like to mention that most topics mentioned here is a field of study in itself (with further sub-fields), what I am trying here is to give you an overview and an approach on every topic. I encourage you to explore these topics further on your own and build an understanding for yourself.

In previous series about ‘Becoming Data-Driven’, I talked/posted about building Data Strategy, exploiting Emerging Technologies, applying Data Governance & building Data-Driven Culture for a business. While all these aspects are important, I feel building Data-Driven Culture is the most challenging yet the most rewarding aspect. And to create a Data-Driven Culture, first & foremost thing is to make every employee, every professional data literate.

“In an organization, data in the hands of a few data experts can be powerful but data at the fingertips of almost every professional can be truly transformational.”

I interacted with many professionals who went through my posts but apart from data professionals/executives, not many were able to fully comprehend what I wanted to convey because of their different backgrounds. While I am talking & posting about a thing which has started to impact our daily lives & business, still not everyone is data literate enough to understand, so there is clearly a data literacy gap.

Hence these posts, where I want to explain everything about data from scratch. What is data? How to define data from different viewpoints? How to do basic data analysis using Excel & SQL? What, why & how of Data Models, Data Architecture, Data Science? What are tools in Data Technology & what to use when? How to apply Data Governance & build Data Strategy? And finally, how every aspect mentioned above fits together in business & technology ecosystem?

I plan to organize my blog posts under following titles:

In the next post we will be discussing about ‘Data Basics’, please stay tuned for upcoming posts in this blog post series.

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